Just Between Us…

I have a secret fantasy
Or maybe it’s a fear
One day it will all be too much
It escalates each year

Responsibilities and this
Oppressive weight I feel
To snap under the strain of it
It does hold some appeal

Surrender, wave a tiny flag
Cry uncle, beg enough
Alas, if I succumb to this
I’d be admitting I’m not tough

A paragon of parenthood
It is the part I play
Those I birthed are watching
I set a precedent each day

So, I’ll keep this on the down low
Remaining ever reticent
Happy, helpful, calm, concerned
Is all that’s evident… (I hope)

April 15, 2016, Daily Ine Word Prompt: Snap~ <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/snap/”>Snap</a&gt;

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