Ask Her

To incite an occasional smile
Would make writing a blog worth her while
Provide a distraction
From dissatisfaction
With her stereotypical lifestyle

An imperfect divorced mom of three
She works hard for a very small fee
Her remuneration
A justification
The use of sarcasm is always free

She challenges herself quite a lot
To mention her boyfriend (though he’s not)
The first time all year
She’s mentioned her dear
Colin Firth- Yes, we all know he’s hot.

To write about her blog in a post
Seems a narcissistic self serving boast
Third person’s a way
To discuss genius all day
Conceit softened in her brilliant riposte
The Daily Post
Jan 2, 2015
Daily Prompt
Be The Change
What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?
<a href="http://Be the Change“>Be the Change

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