My “Where Were You When” Story

“The graveyard shift requires a gentle soul to soothe the sleepless to sleep or keep them company until tagging with the Morning Report team.” ~unknown My intention in writing this post is not to relive the horror. I have done that far too often, reading every report and watching every video. I am in hiding … Continue reading My “Where Were You When” Story

My Children are Trapped in the House, and I Like It

Isolation is a mindset. I have felt detached in company and rejoiced in solitude. I govern the state of my mind. I’m not a perfect person. Of my many flaws, selfishness tops the list. Four days before Trump was inaugurated in 2017, I was injured at work. The two events aren't related, but they have … Continue reading My Children are Trapped in the House, and I Like It

Consider This

No politics today, and no complaints about my life. My children are healthy; that’s what’s important. Even on my worst day I know that we Americans don't come near the suffering experienced by people in impoverished and war torn nations, not to mention the misery inflicted at our southern borders. Think about them the next … Continue reading Consider This

“We’re Building That Wall!” 

Almighty Trump, he says: people say Created earth in less than 6 days-   Now he'll "build that wall" Won't cost much at all Ask the Secret Service — (whom he never pays)  ______________ <a href="">Visceral</a>


In order to rebuild the middle class  There are minor details that must come to pass  Employment must include a living wage  Retirement then offered at a reasonable age Contest criminals of the white collar creed Those who get rich off of the workers they bleed It's a mystery to me that these behaviors persist … Continue reading Stoppable

A Man Eat Man World 

Corporations   Collect  Consumers cost Convoluted   Cornucopia Credits conferred Covert Concealed credit Circumvented capitation Coteries—All _________________________________ July 19, 2016, One Word Daily Prompt: Feast~ <a href="">Feast</a>