Theories on 911, 16 Years Later

Every year since 2001, 9/11 does a number on my head. The events of that day changed the way many people, myself included, look at the world. It wasn't really the day I became a cynic, but that day took my cynicism to a new level.  I have been an Airline employee since 1991. Yes, … Continue reading Theories on 911, 16 Years Later

It’s in the Air

Beneath the deck or behind the limestone  A haven- not for my family alone  Within reach yet elusive How many? - inconclusive You ask why I don't like owning a home This problem resolved two years in the past Reoccurring strikes of well aimed fetid blasts Pervading thick fogs of funk At least one returning … Continue reading It’s in the Air

Look Up 

Any chance I get I look for colors. Is it pink this morning, lavender, fifty shades of gray—like my roots? Sometimes the colors are so vibrant it doesn't seem real. I try, but it's impossible to capture what I see on my camera phone. On those occasions, I look around me, for someone else who might … Continue reading Look Up 

Coco the Cow

If this were a world without computers I would use the capital normally spent on computers and internet service to purchase a cow, a spectacular bovine specimen with a perfectly mapped out black and white spotted coat and remarkably long eyelashes veiling her big brown cow eyes. I would name her Coco. Coco's only responsibility … Continue reading Coco the Cow

Looking Down

In life there are some things that people are willing to risk their health over, stubbornly ignoring statistics, reason, and common sense. Some people smoke cigarettes, some people drink to excess, some people eat fried snickers bars at carnivals. I am no different. My bad is the high heeled shoe.  Why would a person who … Continue reading Looking Down

Over Colorado

  A clear day over Colorado...  _________________________ Weekly Photo Challenge, The Daily Post, December 26, 2015 : Now~For this week’s challenge, take a moment to notice your now, and share a photo of it. Perhaps it is something imperfect, or mundane, or under-appreciated. Maybe it is a simple moment, or maybe it is something grand; we … Continue reading Over Colorado