People in Politics Today

This morning we learned the shocking news of the untimely death at age 68, of Congressman Elija Cummings. Representative Elijah Cummings, was a Democrat from Baltimore, a civil rights advocate who became one of the White House squatter's fiercest opponents in Congress and was frequently on the receiving end of his racially undertoned barbs. It … Continue reading People in Politics Today

Congress is at Risk

This week has been typical for our lawless administration. Kellyanne Conway declined an invitation (cough) a subpoena from Congress, compelling her to testify before the House Oversite Committee regarding her many violations of the Hatch act, her misuse of public funds, and other crimes. Representative Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), the chairman of the panel, received an … Continue reading Congress is at Risk

Will Barr Testify Today?

Bill Barr, the Trump defending attorney general, is scheduled to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning, Wednesday at 10 am ET, and then on Thursday, before the House of Representatives; will he show up? William Barr Testifies on Mueller Report Before Senate Judiciary Committee *link to watch hearing 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 Well timed news reports … Continue reading Will Barr Testify Today?

Security Nepotism

Is that a thing now? It has been confirmed by four sources that, in May, against the advice of former White House Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, Donald J Trump ordered officials give his son in-law, Jared Kushner, Top Secret Security Clearance. Kushner had previously been denied clearance due to his repeated and continued … Continue reading Security Nepotism

What You Missed – Cohen’s Testimony

In a sentence— the GOP was ANGRY, while Democrats asked questions. Republican Questioning of Michael Cohen at Hearing Is Bad - Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows Don't Ask About Trump While the GOP is now attempting to paint Ohio Republican Ranking member Jim Jordan as "an attack dog", he was more of a whiny bitch, in … Continue reading What You Missed – Cohen’s Testimony