Twenty some odd years ago In Guadalajara Mexico I felt an inescapable  Inexorable ineluctable Desire- it was an unreasonable need I decided on that day To purchase a hammock I must say It has never hung anyplace But I still keep it just incase  Someday- I might relax between two trees ______________ December 2, 2016 … Continue reading Someday

Trash Day

This is the day  It's taken away The rubbish of a week that has passed My dog might say That a day like today Offers entertainment that can't be surpassed __________________________ August 26, 2016, Daily One Word Prompt: Witness~ <a href="">Witness</a>

Looking Up

I see talons In the winter  Looking up In the spring  I see buds of hope Summer is Verdant splendor Comforting shade Autumn a blaze Put out by  A single heavy rain  Then Old oak tree  Lording over my house  I curse you consistently  With every bag  Of purged leaves   __________________________ July 8, 2016 Weekly … Continue reading Looking Up