Trump and that low Barr

During the past few days, Donald Trump and his administration have made some alarming moves. I’m not talking about Trump's (middle school) work with Guiliani to spread videos of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, that have obviously been doctored, substantially slowed down or spliced, to make her appear drunk or dim-witted. (Both Facebook and Twitter refused to … Continue reading Trump and that low Barr

Looking Up

I see talons In the winter  Looking up In the spring  I see buds of hope Summer is Verdant splendor Comforting shade Autumn a blaze Put out by  A single heavy rain  Then Old oak tree  Lording over my house  I curse you consistently  With every bag  Of purged leaves   __________________________ July 8, 2016 Weekly … Continue reading Looking Up


A sand sculptor on the beach in Santa Barbara, California, displays the fruits of five hours labor, the epitome of mermaid perfection, at the rate of whatever change tourists can spare.  ___________________ May 28, 2016, Weekly Photo Chalenge: Spare~ One Word Daily Prompt: Epitome~ <a href="">Spare</a><a href="">Epitome</a>

Visual Aids

Anger and annoyance are the barometer with which I measure my success, and I am not doing my job well until everyone is pissed. Popularity is not my goal. I am speaking of parenting teens, although this philosophy could easily extend to all other aspects of life.  As a working parent, I use every tool … Continue reading Visual Aids

Over Colorado

  A clear day over Colorado...  _________________________ Weekly Photo Challenge, The Daily Post, December 26, 2015 : Now~For this week’s challenge, take a moment to notice your now, and share a photo of it. Perhaps it is something imperfect, or mundane, or under-appreciated. Maybe it is a simple moment, or maybe it is something grand; we … Continue reading Over Colorado