News Blues

I am among a growing number of people who don’t have television service. The internet keeps me apprised of daily news, and I believe I’m more informed now than I was when I depended on television because I have more sources of information. The reason I don’t have television service because I have to prioritize … Continue reading News Blues

Is Lev Parnas the Game Changer?

Tuesday’s the day. The debate over amendments for tRump’s impeachment trial will conclude and the Senate’s resolution will be adopted. Two days ago, Moscow Mitch and the rest of the 49 members of the U.S. Senate signed an oath, swearing to be impartial jurors in the upcoming impeachment trial of Donny-two-scoops-tRump, pretender to the throne. … Continue reading Is Lev Parnas the Game Changer?

Fun Fact Friday

William Barr works for Trump, not the American people. William Barr, has become Trump's new "fixer." The Justice Department is now a partisan agency. Bill Barr’s 4 page summary of Mueller’s report contains only 101 words. The length of Mueller’s report has been disputed, but confirmed to be over 300 PAGES. Of those 101 words … Continue reading Fun Fact Friday

Too Close for Senator Thune… a limerick

The GOP wants us to forget Traitor Trump’s treason, it’s a good bet They're in trouble too The GOP flu Will wipe out the whole the party yet ~ GOP senator: It's time to 'move on' from Trump's Russia scandal

Political Ads Lie

I bow to Rachael Maddow today, and I am running with her information. I don’t have MSNBC, so I can only watch clips of her show on twitter. I hope they pay her well. In the following clip, for those of you who are unable to view it, Maddow shows political ads by Republican politicians … Continue reading Political Ads Lie