Is anyone surprised to learn Carl Icahn may be guilty of insider trading? Icahn resigned his assignment in the White House as “Special Advisor” in August prior to the publication of a story, in The New Yorker, that exposed his use of the position to protect his holdings. Like Trump, Icahn had done nothing to … Continue reading HEY S.E.C., WHAT ABOUT ICAHN? #CarlToo

Carl Icahn #7 to Trump’s #8

Carl Icahn, the latest rat tired of winning, is jumping ship. It took this billionaire 210 days to realize the Trump ship named "So Much Winning" isn't seaworthy.  Icahn and Trump share a bit of notoriety. Both hold a place on— "The 10 Worst People on Forbes 2013 Billionaire List" The list includes drug lords, … Continue reading Carl Icahn #7 to Trump’s #8