The Best Mornings Are Those When You Wake up… and, Better Still, When You Remember the Manhattan DA Has Indicted Trump

This is one of the best mornings.

Michael Cohen faced a nine-count indictment.
This is not about Trump choosing to raw dog a porn star while his wife was pregnant.

We have learned that there are 34-counts in Donald Trump’s, still sealed, indictment, and better still, they’re all felonies.

These 34-counts are based on falsifying business records.— source CNN
[hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha… can’t… catch… my… breath, whew! I’m okay.]
Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg

Those sealed charges may be more than we expected. Manhattan DA Bragg would not risk so much, (death threats included) if charges were not solid enough to take on a former President, with mob ties.

We might find out Bragg charged him one count for each false entry in his business records, intending to defraud, totaling 34. That is unlikely because those charges would be misdemeanors. Trump’s crimes in NY are (again) felonies. Did I mention each count is worth a 10-year prison sentence? No? My bad. After serving 340 years, he will be 416 years old, and still a jackass. This is just New York.

The charges could be widespread, a result of a half-century of criminal behavior. Tax fraud, and tax evasion, are skimming the surface of the crimes the people of New York have witnessed. This is a long time coming.

Trump hung up on a reporter yesterday, ending the interview when asked if he would turn himself in. Last week Trump said he wanted to be handcuffed so people could see. He thinks we’ll feel sorry for him.

Will there be a struggle? My money says yes.

[hahaha hahaha hahaha… stop it]

Despite that, his lawyers say he will turn himself in for arraignment in my favorite city on Tuesday, as scheduled at 2:15 pm et, according to the associated press.

Not really Hillary, but I wish it was.

Side note—Yesterday, before the news of Trump’s indictment broke, we learned that his long-time chief financial advisor, whose current mail may be forwarded to Rikers Island, NY, Alan Weisselberg, was no longer being represented by Trump’s lawyers. He has a new lawyer, Seth Rosenberg. Mr. Rosenberg is a racketeering expert and even ran the Manhattan DA’s rackets bureau. Did he flip? 🤔

[hahaha hahaha… I’m crying-haha haha]

It’s sad when a lifetime of crime catches up to you. After half a century of money laundering, tax evasion (that made him smart), sexual assault, courting ties to the Russian mob, etc., who can blame him for believing he can do anything?

What’s next? Our former guy will be charged, fingerprinted, swabbed—presenting DNA for E. Jean Carroll’s rape case. Let’s see if it matches the stain on her dress. I’ll be realistic, because this is not a perfect world. He’ll probably post bail and be out the same day.

Georgia: Lindsey Graham cried and shouted on Fox last night. He’s got Georgia on his mind. Maybe that phone call he made on Trump’s behalf, asking Georgia officials to toss out ballots, was a bad idea. It would be fun if he turned out to be Trump’s cellmate.

The Department of Justice is still coming for Donald. Espionage (stealing and selling top secret documents) and the 1/6 coup attempt. Man, it’s a great day not to be Donald Trump.

I’m not sorry. Not even a little bit.

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7 thoughts on “The Best Mornings Are Those When You Wake up… and, Better Still, When You Remember the Manhattan DA Has Indicted Trump

      1. My pleasure. You have been a champion for many of us since this madness started. As soon as I saw your post, I knew it would a good one.

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  1. Wow! This is an amazing news – 34 separate felony charges against Trump! This is definitely a serious charge, and the Manhattan District Attorney seems to be very confident that they can prove it.

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