McCarthy’s Integrity in Exchange for Votes

This is a continuation of my last post, written in the afternoon hours of 1/6.

It was after midnight when the 14th attempt to elect a new Speaker of the House ended with the same result as the previous 13. Kevin McCarthy is a historic loser. A failure whose legacy will be hard to beat. No one could possibly say “hold my beer” to this humiliation.

The loss led to a shouting match, what looked like McCarthy’s attempt to intimidate, and one congressional representative lunging at another.

Well, it all worked out because after the chaos, in lightning speed, a 15th vote gave McCarthy the gavel.

He said he wanted to hit Nancy Pelosi with the gavel. This is an ugly man.

1:27AM (et)

After the last count early this morning, he thanked Donald Trump. Why? Trump endorsed McCarthy somewhere between the 3rd and 10th tally, but it didn’t help.

There is a shot of Marjorie Taylor Green trying to force her phone on Matt Rosendale a holdout. She tells him, “President Trump wants to talk to you.” You can see DT on the screen. What does this all mean? Two things:

1. Marge, who doesn’t know the difference between a petri dish and a peach tree dish, flagrant violation and a fragrant violation, the Gestapo police gazpacho (soup) police, will have a role in committee leadership.

2. It means Donald Trump controls the House and the Supreme Court.

The metal detectors are gone. The organizers of 1/6 have the speaker on puppet strings.

This what happens when there are no consequences for politicians who commit crimes. They have the House with ringmaster McCarthy who made promises he does not have the authority to grant. Expect idiocy until there are indictments.We have a violent cult who will form revenge committees to “impeach Biden,” investigate “Hunter’s laptop,” etc.

Only two more years. Sure. The American people, by then, will see these people for who they are and in the next election the GOP will have imploded. Right. The only reason the Republicans have the House majority is gerrymandering, particularly in Florida and Texas.

You cannot overcome their level of dirty play. Voter suppression laws are clicking into a locked position in each state, as are forced birth regulations.

Our entire system of government is a train wreck. We are not a democracy. A democracy is majority rule. No one elected for Ginny Thomas or her husband in the SCOTUS. A minority of the population elected the House members who will now try to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and all other social services that benefit people, not political puppet masters. They will attempt to block aid to Ukraine. McCarthy said in his acceptance speech that they’re going to pass bills to address “woke indoctrination in schools.” McCarthy is using “woke” when he means truth.

Yesterday afternoon a six year old boy intentionally shot his teacher in his classroom, leaving her in critical condition. The child was taken into custody. Gun laws were not mentioned.

What other job allows someone (George Santos) to falsify his resume and keep their office? Who funded his campaign?

What other profession can you start in debt but earn a hefty salary of $175,000 with benefits, then after two years, be a millionaire?

The House is now crazy town, controlled by unethical, ignorant people, who have been bought.

Watch Jeffries speech after McCarthy finally achieved his goal. Jeffries is a rising star. 👇🏼

Jeffries and Pelosi

On a positive note, (the above link,) Hakeem Jeffries speech after the final vote was nothing if not inspiring. He is proof that there is hope for us as a democracy, and I know Nancy, with her strategic genius, will help guide House democrats through these next two years.

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