To This, I Take Offense

A… mature woman visits a highly recommended neurosurgeon, complaining of back pain. The surgeon tells her, “It’s old age.” She, (the… mature woman,) responds to the specialist, “Well, I want a second opinion.” To which the physician replies, “Fine, you’re ugly too.”

*Any references in the above story, to historical situations, actual people, living, dead, or zombies, are used fictitiously. Specifically, it does not reflect my recent experience with back surgery.

Speaking of ageism, I’m a couple of weeks behind in the story of the Canadian newscaster, Lisa LaFlamme. During the pandemic, she embraced her natural beauty, stopped dying her hair, and is now gray.


Personally, I used the time to empower my eyebrows, allowing them to reunite. (Hello, unibrow.)

I want to clarify, although I shouldn’t need to, LaFlemme’s new hairdo isn’t a bland salt and pepper gray. Her hair is platinum, a color I would trade one (or three,) of my favorite shoes (or children,) for. She and her hair are beautiful.


Beauty aside, she does her job well as per Wikipedia:

“LaFlamme has had five Gemini award nominations in the Best News Anchor category and several RTDNA awards, as well as a 1999 Galaxi Award from the Canadian Cable Television Association.

“In March 2014, LaFlamme won a Canadian Screen Award for ‘Best National Newscast’ and ‘Best News Anchor’ for CTV National News. In 2016, she was made a member of the Order of Ontario. In 2019, Lisa was named an officer of the Order of Canada.

“In late June 2019, an announcement stated that LaFlamme was one of 83 Canadians named Officer of the Order of Canada (O.C.). A news report stated that this honour ‘recognizes LaFlamme for her contributions to journalism and news broadcasting, as well as her support and promotion of human rights.’”

“Her honorary degrees include: University of Windsor (2018), University of Ottawa (2014), and Wilfrid Laurier University (2006).

The response by CTV News was to release her from employment. At age 58, she was fired from the job she held for 35 years. To use her word, she was “blindsided.” I sense small duck energy (I never mean duck,) was behind this.

Who approved the decision to let Fleming go grey?

Michael Melling head of CTV News (currently on leave of absence.) 🤔

EXCUSE ME? Hold me back… What did he say?

A haggard looking Michael Melling. Who authorized his thinning hair?

I’ve put Michael Melling’s name in bold print, because his question was bold, and it should be linked to his name for eternity— the words should be etched into his headstone. This is the hill his career should die on, because he killed hers with those words.

“CTV executive is now on leave after the Lisa LaFlamme controversy.” Oh, boohoo. Michael Melling is on leave, no doubt paid and temporary.

CTV has strapped on a flaccid attempt at damage control. Despite national outcry, Bell Media claims LaFlamme’s firing was a business decision made to recognize “changing viewer habits.” Said viewers are livid. Gray hair color sales have skyrocketed in Canada.

Duck’em. (I never mean duck.)

I predict Ms. LaFlamme will move on to bigger and better things.

5 thoughts on “To This, I Take Offense

  1. Yeah, he’s on leave (an attempt to make it look like they have addressed the bad apple???) but no one has apologized for what they have done to our legend or done the right thing and brought her back. Some things never change.

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  2. She looks stunning! So many I know have gone natural and look the same. I wish mine was as beautiful. Bottom line his leave is smoke in mirrors, and as long as the companies keep hiring arrogant puny pricks like him to run (ruin) their companies things will never change and maybe get worse.She’ll find a more accepting professional place to hang her hat. In the meantime all there is left to say is Duck him and his company .

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