No Tomorrow is Guaranteed

Gasp! Green bananas
bought despite one morbid thought–
Am I tempting fate?

Foreboding Haïku Tuesday – is that a thing?

3 thoughts on “No Tomorrow is Guaranteed

    1. Hi, Lois!
      I can’t complain! Okay – YES I CAN!
      My complaints-

      I keep forgetting I’m not supposed to bend forward, twist, or lift anything. I pay for it later in the day and I hope I haven’t screwed (pun) anything up back there.

      I have to wear blinders and not look at weeds. I morn the loss of everything I drop – (or ask my daughter to pick it up for me.) 🤪

      My little dogs, the oldest in particular, cries constantly. She doesn’t understand why I’m not carrying her around 24/7 like I did before. She weighs 8 lbs and I owe my well defined, but rapidly atrophying, biceps to her.

      I have good days and bad days. The bad days are because I did something stupid, and they’re a reminder of my (temporary) limitations.

      Now that I got that out (Sorry you asked?) I appreciate that you asked. 🤓 Thank you!

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      1. Ha! Lydia–you are a gem! No, I’m not sorry I asked, but I am sorry with how things are going. The doctors all say, ‘give it time.’ What the heck?! I want it now! I hope the days get better and your biceps get back in shape. 💪

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