The Supreme Court Trump Built

Our Supreme Court: unelected, unethical, unqualified, unrepentant. They defy the wishes of the majority because they do not work for us. Their rulings are a nod to the Federalist Society.

How the Federalist Society came to dominate the Supreme Court

Not all nine, but four (LIARS) chosen by a twice impeached POTUS who tried to overthrow the government with the aid of the wife of a fourth SCOTUS.

Our democracy is broken.

How much did Clarence Thomas know about his wife’s 1/6 activities?

Five individuals who we did not elect have robbed 64 million women in childbearing ages (15-44) of autonomy. Our democracy is beyond flawed. This is not a nation of the people. The majority are powerless. We need reform that can only come with a vast majority, a majority that will render those who sold out irrelevant.

The Supreme Court determined this week that states cannot resolve how to regulate guns. Days later, they declare states will rule how to regulate a woman’s body. We are not okay.

👆🏼Ah, thank you for trusting rape victims of all ages, but particularly children, to control their intake of semen. Utah, you need to fix this.

With Roe V Wade abolished, Clarence Thomas has moved on and now calls on the court to wipe out rulings on same-sex relationships and contraception: “We have a duty to correct the error.”

Back to the ruling at hand. We have become a forced birth country. In 1991, Congress confirmed a Justice to the Supreme Court, despite a credible claim of sexual harassment against him. Clarence Thomas, is now discussing a ban on contraception. He’s not only after straight women, he’s after the LGBTQ community. His biracial marriage makes his beliefs astonishing. There is no live and let live ideology there.

This SCOTUS is busy. They also ruled in a 6-3 majority that we must include religious schools in tuition assistance programs, defying the framers intent on keeping church and state separate.

Thank you for reminding us who you are.

Republicans, including Liz Cheney, are rejoicing. Despite claiming this is a win for life, they would deny that baby: healthcare, childcare, a classroom safe from mass shooters.

The child’s unwilling mother would not be paid family or medical leave, and because the United States only offers prenatal care to those who are lucky enough to have garnered benefits. Despite our standing as one of the world’s wealthiest nations, we have one of the highest rates of maternal mortality.

Don’t listen to the preaching. This is not about “life.” It’s about controlling the women.

Why can’t we protect our children? The youngest female in history to give birth was a five-year-old Peruvian.

The number of ten- and eleven-year-old girls who become pregnant by rape is not something I want to talk about, but the times dictate I do so. The U.S. birth rate of children aged 10-14 years 1991-2020 stood at 1.4 births per every thousand girls.
Their bodies are not ready. Many die.

Todd Akin Still Doesn’t Get What’s Wrong With Saying ‘Legitimate Rape’

Forced pregnancy is a crime against humanity and a war crime, yet here we are.

Abortion clinics across the country closed their doors yesterday, after canceling countless appointments. Imagine what those women are going through today.

The Supreme Court cannot stop abortions, but they can make safe abortions a thing of the past. This ruling means women will die. Ectopic pregnancies and other life-threatening emergencies that only abortion can remedy will be a death sentence. Some states have already begun investigating women for murder if they miscarry.

There is help available for those in total ban states.

13 thoughts on “The Supreme Court Trump Built

    1. It’s theater. If Susan Collins were as stupid as she’d like us to believe, she’d spend her days wandering the halls of the Capitol trying to find her office. We’ll see their true colors again when federal access to abortion comes to a vote in congress. They’ll vote against it.

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    1. I feel the same.
      We have options. Expanding the court is not an absurd idea. SCOTUS was founded in 1789 with six justices. The United States population was 3.9 million. In 2022 we have nine justices and a population of 335 million.
      The math hurts my head, but if we followed the framers example we’d have over 500. (Please correct me if I’m wrong.) Regardless of my math skills, we could reasonably double the number of justices.
      Our fight needs to be getting out the vote this November.

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  1. I want to remind you that women in Afghanistan have to wear burkas again when they walk around outside. They didn’t have to wear burkas before we abandoned Afghanistan. We had to leave because Trump made a deal with the Taliban. So, Biden had to pull us out. Biden wanted to do so anyway. We never abandoned South Korea like we abandoned Afghanistan. Most Americans, including American women, don’t give a damn about the women of Afghanistan having to wear burkas. Or all of them losing their jobs, etc. etc. etc. Our democracy is strong. Just keep voting… like the people of Afghanistan can no longer do…

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    1. I wish we could help the Afghan women. I understand that there are nations where women are indeed worse off than we are, but we are not what we feign to be. We have freedoms, but we also have violence.
      This will sound terrible, and I will probably delete it, but here it is:
      When I was four months pregnant with my first child and had an ultrasound that revealed her sex, I cried… sobbed. I knew then as I know now that life is harder for girls. I experienced the subjugation of my sex and know the odds (1 in 4) of experiencing sexual assault. Life has affected me. I didn’t want that for my baby.
      I grew up with a parent who was violent and misogynistic. Making eye contact, even accidental, with a male was enough to set him off. He directed all his ire toward his daughters.
      I was 10 when I witnessed the sexual assault (in broad daylight) of a 12-year-old (my sister,) by a stranger.
      I had my own realities of violation and harassment throughout my youth. Being groped was a daily occurrence as far back as elementary school. I can’t list them, because there are too many. As a result I limited my life experiences out of fear.
      My fears for my daughter eventually proved to be for good reason.
      Police are often sympathetic to the men. We as women are blamed not only for the way our clothes look on us, but for the way we look by virtue of genetics. “Well, you know she’s a beautiful girl.” It seems there is never enough evidence to file criminal charges.
      I did get some revenge (not enough,) as a mother. The evidence, a text message he (a married 28-year-old) sent my child (a teenager just turned 18) threatening her not to talk. It was sufficient to have his professional license permanently revoked. I did that without the help of the police or any official I sought advice from. It was only after searching the internet for hours that I found something I could do to him. I had lost my mind and can sympathize with parents who end up in prison for murdering their child’s abuser. I thought about it.
      I’m horrified by the extreme violence against women around the world. I wish I could change it.
      Our autonomy as American women has been diminished by men who want to feel powerful. Next on the Federalist Society’s agenda is to attack the LGBTQ community. Texas Senator John Cornyn commented yesterday about a return to racial segregation. Our democracy is under siege.
      My life experiences have left me disillusioned.
      The UN considers forced pregnancy a violation of human rights. We could see ourselves ousted because of this SCOTUS ruling. At some point we will not be considered a “country of the free world.”
      I can only hope enough people vote in November to give us a fighting chance.

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      1. You don’t have to be sick, helpless & impossible. Chase down a man. Wear a burka. Be a woman & play the cards God’s given you. And meet me in Shangri-la…


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