Pretentious Musings

Today, I’m driving my clown car east on the expressway to lazy town. Rather than assert original reflections, I’m sharing a YouTube video that has drawn me in. Despite the title and it’s short delve into the history of Buddhism, this is not an attempt at religious conversion. It’s an offering of insight into the human condition – with a backdrop.

I am a new fan of this “scripted pretentious online-know it all,” (<—Those are his words.) My only criticism is that his speedy speaking style doesn’t jibe with my creeping cognitive ability. This is the type of information I would prefer to read. I demand time to chew at my own pace before swallowing thinky thoughts. It’s too easy to miss words. I need to latch on to them all for the meaning to leach into my hippocampus. Reading is my preference for everything, but I do love the British dialect.

Be aware that there are a couple of long pauses when you might think the video is over, but it’s not. This is a twenty minute video, well worth my time. Whaddya think?

8 thoughts on “Pretentious Musings

  1. Well Lydia, thank you so much for this rabbit hole that I feel I might lose myself in for some time to come. Videos and books, I can feel my brain tingling. Also fingers crossed that all will go well tomorrow.

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    1. 😭 Thank you! I had back surgery 16 days ago and I’m weening myself off Norco. Hemingway said “write drunk edit sober.” I vow to publish something tomorrow. I really appreciate the sentiment.

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