Cuomo Resigns

Andrew Cuomo has resigned as the Governor of New York, and all I can think is that Trump is celebrating another takedown. It’s no secret that Cuomo and Trump despise each other, or that Trump knows Cuomo would never pardon him from the imminent state indictments heading his way.

Eleven women, who worked for Governor Cuomo in various capacities, said they experienced unwanted sexual and romantic advances from Governor Cuomo. I believe in victims. Sexual harassment has been commonplace since women entered the workforce. Though the Civil Rights Act of 1964 offers protection against it, victims often face repercussions if they report it.

I don’t think my experience is unique, but I’ll tell you regardless that I’ve worked in toxic environments and experienced sexual harassment, more than once. I will not minimize it. And an employee is less likely to report to their boss than to report a co-worker because the fear of unemployment and the loss of health insurance benefits that goes along with it are real. I know what it’s like to put effort into avoiding being alone with someone and asking co-workers for backup. It’s not fun. I’ve often wondered if harassers think their victim welcomes the attention, or if exerting power and instilling fear is a game for them. Unless you’ve been on the receiving end and felt the awkwardness, experienced the feeling of powerlessness, and the anxiety the situation creates, you may not consider it a big deal. It is. It’s against the law for a reason.

Having said that, it is possible that the allegations are true AND that it was a hit-job that can be traced back to Trump. I do believe this was politically motivated.

Former Senator Al Franken comes to mind. He resigned under the pressure of his party without the benefit of an investigation. His crime was an act of juvenile humor that was captured in a staged photo while he was on a USO comedy tour. Franken’s accuser not only hurt Franken, but she took him out of the Senate, and Democrats have suffered from his loss. Additionally, false accusation makes it harder for those with credible complaints. Roger Stone was behind that hit.

The problem I have with the news of Cuomo’s resignation is not a question of veracity. I am suspicious because the investigation concluded at the speed of light in comparison to another case in New York. Donald Trump has been under investigation for years. E. Jean Carol has Trump’s DNA on the dress she wore when he “allegedly” raped her. That investigation is moving at a snail’s pace. Why are Republican investigations not dealt with at the same urgency? Let’s prioritize investigations, putting rape above harassment. An ever-fluctuating number of women have accused Trump of rape. The number of victims changes because they and their families are threatened.

Incidentally, California Governor Gavin Newsom is also on Trump’s hit list. His “recall” and the other attacks against him are as suspicious as the timing of Cuomo’s accusations.

Nothing happens as fast as a Democratic politician takedown. Holding them accountable for their misdeeds is a good thing. Now do Trump, Madison Cawthorn, SCOTUS Brett Kavanaugh, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, and the rest.

What happens now? New York’s Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul will serve out the rest of Cuomo’s term, which ends in 2023.
A positive note is Hochul will be New York’s first female governor. Where does she stand on the investigations into Trump? She is a Democrat, so I assume she won’t change course.

As disappointing as I was to hear the accusations because I thought Cuomo was great at his job. An enemy of Trump’s is a fan of mine. He did his job well. He took Covid by the throat in New York, if you remember, it was the nation’s hot spot in the early months. As far as nursing home deaths, it’s telling that the media has only focussed on the death toll in New York and New Jersey.

7 thoughts on “Cuomo Resigns

  1. I thought the same as you: “Dammit. Trump is loving this.” What the heck is up with GOP getting a bye…I don’t get it. Nothing going on with Gaetz so far, which is aggravating. Between him and DeSantis, my state is looking pretty sorry right now.

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    1. I am so frustrated with Marrick Garland. Priorities are off and the light sentencing of the 1/6 crowd fillers makes me wonder who’s on what team.
      Stay safe down there! Covid will be with us forever thanks to Trump and the GOP.
      I keep hoping Gaetz will take DeSantis down with him. Now would be nice.

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      1. I can’t tell if he just seems to be moving in slow motion or if he is just distracted. And what happened to Trump’s taxes? His attorneys had until last week and…..what happened with that? No more news about that.

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  2. The thing I most hate, Lydia, is the ‘what about’ type posts. Better late than never,but the story is out and the focus needs to be on Cuomo. You tube is full of examples of touchy, freely Cuomo slobbering over everyone he encounters. Though it was known, this wasn’t dealt with before the election. He’s resigned, but in no way is Cuomo making himself responsible for his actions. Even worse, also known before the election, was sending over nine thousand people recovering from covid into nursing homes. That’s also a story that should be front a d centre. I have to ask why it isn’t?

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    1. You gave me a lot to think about and I’m still trying to understand it all.

      Cuomo is not the innocent victim in this story, but most stories have more than one character.

      Forgive me for temporarily redirecting the subject as I try to defend my post.

      Since Trump took office, I’ve been searching for a hero to him down. They have all disappointed. Between Comey, Mueller, Garland and Letitia James, James has been constant. I hope she will be the one who finally makes Trump and his accomplices atone for his lifetime of criminality.

      My initial reluctance to vilify Cuomo was a result of my desire to see Trump punished. I saw Cuomo as insurance that the State would hold Trump accountable without a Governor in position willing to pardon him. That made Cuomo’s resignation a disappointment. Trump has a revenge list, like every other sociopath, and Cuomo is on it. I calmed down when I looked into the woman who will replace Cuomo.

      I tend to oversimplify things, and I admit that I was drawn into Cuomo’s Covid-19 press conferences. He got the numbers down by being aggressive, and he was the first politician to address the issue publicly. When New York’s Covid-19 statistics started to drop, his press conferences became more about his ego than the virus and I stopped watching.

      Nursing homes were a death zone across the country, but for Cuomo to force them to take sick Covid patients was wrong and it wasn’t adequately reported. I won’t “but what about” with that. I see that I did that in my post. I apologize.

      As far as sexual harassment. I thought I expressed those opinions inoffensively. I tried to. I hope I didn’t give Cuomo a pass. Sexual harassment and sexual violence change people’s lives. I’ve experienced it more than once, as have my daughters. I believe victims. Too few of these crimes are reported and for that reason violence against women, persecution, is much more prevalent than we know.

      Now that I’ve said that, if I haven’t already, I’ll make you angry again.

      I believe politics played a part in Cuomo’s takedown. Democratic politicians are held accountable while Republicans are not. Swift punishment should be executed equally. It makes me crazy that Kavanaugh, Gaetz, Trump, Cawthorn, are protected. Dark money keeps the GOP relevant despite their declining public support.

      Trump has been a criminal his entire life. New York should have prosecuted him decades ago for his financial crimes, but he has been spared as are most white-collar criminals.

      These are only my thoughts. I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. I research before I write, but I often make mistakes. I really do appreciate your comment.


  3. That’s one of the annoying things. Trump before running, was in court as a 13 year old accused him. Yet, they scared her into dropping it. Yet, they STILL wanted Trump. If the Republicans actually gave a crap SA victims, Trump wouldn’t have even been in the running for POTUS.

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