Is the Pandemic Over?

What has become of the dystopian land of zombies who bask in a clouded haze of LED lighting? How is it I can see smiles and read lips? Someone has replaced shitty ambiance music with Sam Cooke. The world is brighter. I could weep with relief as I stand in the grocery store check-out line, giddy that the pandemic is over… or maybe it never happened. No masks, no social distancing, no problem.

BAM. The woman behind me slams her cart into my ankle. I presume she feels I should move closer to the next shopper. Reality washes over me, rinsing away my joyful patina and I know there is no music playing. Then I recall the pandemic is, in fact, not over. So, why am I the only one wearing a mask? The Delta variant is transmitted easier and kills faster, particularly the unvaccinated. But the immunized, perhaps these shoppers, are harboring a false sense of security. They are not exempt. Most of those sick enough to be hospitalized with Covid-19 are unvaccinated, but vaccinated people can still become infected, whether or not they are aware of their status, and that is one way children in vaccinated families get sick. Children are at risk.

The odds are good, but not 100%.

“The World Health Organization has designated variants Eta, Iota, Kappa, and Lambda “variants of interest” and is tracking 13 additional variants that originated in the U.S., Brazil, the Philippines, Indonesia, Colombia, and other nations.”

The Present and Future of COVID Variants | Harvard Medical School

Here’s the thing, despite being stuck on stupid Delta, we have gone through the entire Greek alphabet, Α-Ω. The Lambda variant is resistant to the vaccine, and there are cases in the U.S. We are not out of the woods.

My imaginary evil twin would like me to mock the dead:

  • Play stupid games win stupid prizes,
  • Fuck around and find out,
  • Karma is a bitch,
Darwin’s got this.
  • Mask it or casket,
  • 6 ft distance or 6ft under,
  • You can fix stupid.
And wear a damn mask!

Doctors in Florida have staged walkouts, refusing to treat the unvaccinated. Hospitals in some states are out of ICU beds and are triaging, prioritizing the vaccinated who have a better chance at surviving the illness.


There is a tiring trend in the news. The most vocal and influential anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers are becoming infected with Covid-19. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has bounced back from his illness, but he had the best medical treatment our taxes could buy.

Some aren’t so lucky:

Last week, Wisconsin Republican State Senator André Jacque, who was outspoken in his opposition to the vaccination and mask mandates, announced his hospitalization because of a Covid-19 diagnosis. Now he has been put on a ventilator. Jaque’s name may be added to an increasing list of his ilk to die defiantly, recognizing too late that science is real, as are the repercussions of their propaganda.

Republican who opposed mask and vaccine mandates is on a ventilator with covid

Anti-Vax radio host, Dick Farrel died of Covid-19 on August 4th. Farrell wheedled his listeners to not to get vaccinated. He attacked D. Anthony Fauci, calling him “a power-tripping, lying freak” who conspired with “power trip lib loons.” He changed his mind in the end, but how many people died because of his influence?

Texas GOP Leader, Scott Apley mocked the virus days before he succumbed to it.

Tennessee anti-vax radio host Phil Valentine, 61, (who sang “Vaxman” (a parody of Beatles “Taxman” song,) died of Covid-19 on Saturday, August 21, 2021. How many people did his words kill?

Another disinformation superspreader, religious radio broadcaster Jimmy DeYoung Sr., was killed by the virus on August 17th. Among his lies was the statement that the vaccine made women sterile. Do you know what makes women sterile? Death, death makes women sterile. There is nothing more ironic than a man who takes it upon himself to fight for a women’s right to choose not to immunize while trying to take away her reproductive rights. My body my choice now applies only to the vaccine. Control the women.

Anti-Vax Christian Radio Host Dies of Covid-19

Maine State Representative Chris Johansen’s wife, Cindy Johansen passed this week after participating in an anti-vax rally.

Anti-vax vlogger, Solicitor Leslie Lawrenson, 58, passed at his home in Bournemouth, Dorset, on 2 July. He said the vaccine was too risky, “that jabs were too ‘experimental.”

Vocal anti-vaxxer, Stephen Harmon, 34, expired on 24 July after a month-long battle with the virus. He had tweeted: “I’ve had 99 problems, but VAX isn’t one!” Problems aren’t so daunting when you’re dead.

Texas anti-vax mother of four, Lydia (not me) Rodriguez, died last of Covid-19 a week after pleading with medical personnel: “Make sure my kids get vaccinated.” Her husband died of Covid-19 two weeks before. The children are without both parents because of their refusal to listen to medical experts.

Stephen Karanja: Kenyan anti-vaccine doctor died in April after having promoted steam inhalation and the drug hydroxychloroquine tablets. That is the same drug TFG had pushed before, suggesting people drink bleach.

Regarding the intubated Wisconsin Senator, I would suggest that his loss would mean more cheese for the rest of us, but I’m vegan, so I won’t. I’m not making light of the virus, nor do I find pleasure in avoidable deaths. I would rather not be unkind, but I am furious that people like those listed above have convinced so many not to take precautions. How many people did these loudmouths convince not to get vaccinated? How many deaths did they cause? We are witnessing mass-murder suicides.

The delusional unmasked shoppers who surround me are the reason this pandemic will never end. Certainly, take your mask off and put your unprotected children back in school.

Artist Colleen Kammerer

But, if you are an adult who took risks and encouraged others to do so as well, I reserve the right to mock you when your time comes to push up daisies.

The David Pakman Show — Anti-Vax Nurse Dies of Covid-19

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      1. Some of the stories from Florida sound like people are getting the monoclonal antibody treatments free of charge because the federal government is paying (and that the governor of that state is getting kickbacks in the form of campaign contribution from people invested in the treatments).

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