Pelosi Reminds Us Why She is the Speaker of the House

After Senate Republicans honored their leader, Mitch McConnell, granting him the “personal favor” he requested: casting a no vote for a bipartisan commission to investigate the orchestrated attack against the Capitol, the only solution left was for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to establish a select committee in the House of Representatives to probe January 6.

This House investigation will bypass the Senate entirely which, under the control of Mitch McConnell despite their technical minority status, would never allow justice to be served.

Pelosi will move forward with legislation on Wednesday to form the commission. The purpose, to seek answers regarding whether or not there was coordination between some members of Congress and leaders of groups who organized, recruited and the attacked the Capitol. Why were there gaping holes in security that day, leaving Capitol Police without resources to do their job.

Typically, committees in Congress allow party leaders to select who will chair and who will serve on each panel. That means Kevin McCarthy, who still consults Donald Trump for direction, would likely choose a divisive and distracting array of loudmouth show boaters, like Jim Jordan (OH), Marjorie Taylor Green (GA), Mo Brooks, (AL), Glock wielding Lauren Boebert (CO) & etc. It is worth mentioning that McCarthy voted against any type of investigation into January 6.

It would be a repeat of Trump’s first impeachment trial, which had Devin Nunes sitting as a ranking member of the House Intel Committee when there was evidence linking him to Lev Parnas and proving he was complicit in the strong-arming of Ukraine. Add that to the list of crimes not without consequences.

House Speaker Pelosi clarified her conditions for this select committee. GOP House leader McCarthy will present his wishlist of participants, but Pelosi has veto power over his picks. This will eliminate McCarthy’s power to make a mockery of the proceedings and allow a true investigation to ensue.

This investigation is time-sensitive. Donald Trump is a threat to national security and he continues his efforts to rouse support. He will make another attempt to overthrow the government because being in power is the only thing that would protect him and his family from indictment. It is also necessary to remove the facilitating members of Congress who pose a threat to their colleagues. Capitol Police cannot be left vulnerable, without the backup they needed to protect members of Congress from the insurrectionists.

Some questions concerning the coordination from inside the Capitol Building that remain unanswered:
• Why would SCOTUS Clarence Thomas’s wife provide free shuttles to transport the mob?
• Who removed the panic buttons?
• Which representatives of Congress gave tours of the building on January 5th? 🤔

The answer to the last two questions could very well be on McCarthy’s wish list of candidates for the committee. It might serve as a good starting point for the investigation.

3 thoughts on “Pelosi Reminds Us Why She is the Speaker of the House

  1. I know I’ve told you before, but the op-ed letters about Matt Gaetz in our local newspaper are all scathing. Everyone talks about what a lowlife he is and how he does not represent our area of Florida. So why in the heck was he re-elected??!!
    I was listening to an interview on NPR today of the author of ‘King Richard’–about Richard Nixon and Watergate. His aides all turned on themselves and him. Preview of things to come?

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    1. I have so many random thoughts to respond with, and none make sense:

      I believe Republicans turned on Nixon much earlier on than this. By the time all the facts were public, John Dean said Nixon only had the support of 20% of the Senate. Goldwater said it was only 15%. The Senate would have convicted him despite their GOP majority, the and Nixon would have been removed- which is the only reason he resigned.

      Enough damning facts are out on this GOP, but gaslighting works.
      The level of corruption of today didn’t exist back then. It’s like the entire party is made up of Richard Nixons.

      Maybe we are getting to the point that they will turn on each other.
      According to “Angry White House Staffer,” the gossip is that DeSantis is “right in the middle of the Gaetz Greenberg scandal.” Why is that whole thing taking so long? Maybe Gaetz is cooperating? Who knows.

      Barr has turned on Trump. I never thought I’d see the day. I know he’s trying to save his legacy, but I also think it’s a sign of Trump’s impending doom.

      Every day that passes without a Trump indictment is a day for them to plan their next move.

      We have a year until the midterm election and no one can stop the red states from changing laws to allow them to disregard ballots and choose the winner of their state’s election. That is scary.

      It’s all so corrupt I can’t understand any of it.

      And my last thought is Kevin McCarthy – what the hell is he doing?

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