Indictment Week in New York?

Today, Monday, June 28, 2021, is the deadline that was given to the Trump Organization’s attorneys, to persuade prosecutors not to file charges.

Speculators surmise indictments will begin to drop this week. This is the culmination of a two-year effort by both New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. (D)

It could happen. This week is as good a week as any, better than next week or any week after that. I know, wake me up when it happens.

“It’s interesting and not surprising that they would approach the Trump Organization to tell them that they’re considering to charge them because that would be almost a death blow to the Trump Organization. Every single bank would call their loans if the Trump Organization is indicted. No bank will ever do business with an indicted company. There’s no way that the Trump Organization has enough capital to pay off all their loans. They would be effectively in default of all their loans and would also certainly have to go into bankruptcy.” ~Daniel Goldman on MSNBC.

You may remember Daniel Goldman from his work on both of TFG’s impeachment trials. He is a trial lawyer and legal analyst serving as Congressional staff in the United States House of Representatives.

Trump has repeatedly called any investigation of his business a “witch hunt.” According to, there are ways to “hunt” witches that do not involve investigations into the finances of a lifelong grifter with ties to organized crime.

The swimming test might be a better way to determine Trump’s witchiness. Of he submitted they might allow him to keep his taxes private. This test is carried out by tying rocks to the accused and throwing him/her into the nearest body of water. Perhaps the Hudson River would suffice. If he were to sink it would prove he is not a witch, because water rejects witches. The wait to make sure the water doesn’t reject him if he sinks can be agonizingly long depending on who appointed the judge. If he floats he is not a witch according to the article. Floaters would have been burned at the stake if we were living in another time.

Today being a witch is not a crime, unlike racketeering. So why is he calling this a witch hunt anyway? Even if it was a “witch hunt” and he survived the swim test he would still be indicted.

TFG may not be the first Trump to fall. It appears New York has been investigating his spawn as well. Ivanka lied under oath about her part in the misuse of inaugural funds. For those of you who, like me, are not attorneys I will tell you that lying under oath is frowned upon. Don Junior gave false testimony several times, but there were no consequences. The family was under the protection Attorney General Bill Barr.

Documents Show Ivanka Trump Didn’t Testify Accurately in Inauguration Scandal Case

So let’s all hold our breath until an indictment drops, starting…now.

3 thoughts on “Indictment Week in New York?

  1. I am holding my breath on this. If they find one tiny little unturned rock to not prosecute, I will scream. We are close, so very close. They know everyone who was near Trump lied. Why give them more time?

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    1. I don’t understand the warning they gave him either. I do think it will be New York that indicts him- at some point.

      Sad for Trump that Governor Cuomo held his ground because Trump won’t get mercy from him.

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      1. No need to worry about Cuomo, when he has DeSantis right here in FL. Although DeSantis beat Trump in the straw vote for the nod toward presidency. Oh, what a joke that would be!

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