Republican Numbers Diminish, But Their Power Stays Intact

To Do Today:

‪✅ Divide
__ Conquer‬

US News Reports that since the 1/6/2021 attack on the Capitol only 25% of Americans identify themselves as members of the GOP.

Despite the removal of the former guy, and regardless of the epic disaster of his attempted coup, a coup fueled by “the big lie,” GOP politicians still stick to Trump, like silicone to a Kardashian. That fact has shocked me into blogging submission, or out of it. I don’t know. My thoughts confuse even me, the author of them. At my most frustrated I can’t follow Republican reasoning until I remind myself that they have a plan.

Flood the media:

• Republicans have enough media coverage to retain the support of Fox News viewers.
• Republicans have enough mainstream news coverage to give them a level of validity they don’t deserve.
• Trump has started his social media outlet where he can spread his manure now that social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook have forsaken him.

I have come to some realizations since my mother moved in. (*see Mother’s Day post.) One is regarding network broadcasts. Unlike me, my mom is a TV viewer (with the volume turned up to 11.)

These are unaltered images of Megan (don’t you know who my father is,) McCain

😱 Tolerating Meghan McCain’s noise is not in my job description. Whoopi is granted a good income to listen to her, but I am not, so regardless of my curiosity about her hairstyle du jour, I refuse to view “The View.” McCain’s appraisal of current events is enough to send me on a backpacking expedition, via Uber, in search of life’s meaning. If I find it, I’ll share it. While I am happy Fox News is not on my mother’s television menu, network news should not be a person’s only source of information. I can’t watch that either. I read The Washington Post, The Hill, Politico, etc. Do not let a talking head or a suit behind the scenes decide what you should know about the world. Read every credible source of news. Read it all.

Network and cable broadcasts are too respectful to the Republican Party–a party that lies more often than not and would overthrow the government given the opportunity. I can say this about the GOP because they attempted a coup on 1/6/2021. Networks espouse neutrality, but in their attempt to appear neutral they validate QAnon extremists and provide a platform for them to reach out to new supporters. Viewers are getting a fraction of real news, mixed in with teasers of what is coming after the next commercial. Mainstream media organizations are not above fear-mongering to keep spectators tuned in. Their coverage of Putin’s attack on our gas supply sent idiots out to fill plastic bags with said flammable liquid.

My mother, in a panic, found me (hiding) and asked me how much gas I have in my car. She can’t hear my answers because she rarely wears her hearing aid. I responded as I do to most questions I move my lips mumbling something incoherent, shaking my head. This has the desired effect of calming her down and leaving me to find a new hiding place. (Don’t judge me.)

Republicans cheat:

Don’t tell me Kentucky Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who had an 18% state approval rating going into his recent election, won with 57% of the vote over his popular opponent, Amy McGrath. He did not accomplish that feat without a little help from his comrades. That is my opinion, based on facts. Isn’t it curious that he was never worried about his unpopularity?

Republicans accuse Democrats of what they do. Example: Matt Gaetz, sex trafficking

Republicans are working to win back Congress, not by focusing on issues voters are passionate about, but by lying and disenfranchising voters.

• They are sabotaging mail-in ballots. In some Republican-controlled states, except under certain extreme circumstances, it will be more difficult if not impossible to obtain an absentee ballot. In many states, you may acquire a mail-in ballot based on a documented disability. You may be required to provide identification, a process that would be a physical challenge for many disabled Americans to complete. It is a way to cut off their ability to vote.

•Many red states are also close polling stations in democratic districts, requiring low-income voters to travel farther and stand in line longer to exercise their right to vote. Shorter voting hours mean workers will need to take time off if they want to vote.
• The GOP continues to change up district borders to maximize its chances of winning.

Jim Jordan’s district border outline is in the shape of a crane.
Gerrymandering alone is enough to give Republicans a majority on the House of Representatives. A divided House and Senate is ineffective when the parties are unwilling to play nice.

Our Antidiluvian Constitution:

This Republican Party, unpopular as it may be, has an unequal share of power because of the way we elect politicians.

While gerrymandering offers an unfair advantage to Republicans in the House of Representatives, the Senate is unbalanced because two Senators represent each state regardless of population. Wyoming with just over half-million citizens (.56 million,) has two U.S. Senators, as does California with 39.5 million inhabitants.

While the percentage of Americans who still identify themselves as Republican has dropped to 25%, their votes carry an imbalance of weight. Thanks, forefathers. Additionally, statistically, republicans are more likely to vote. They have more polling stations, shorter lines, etc. Disenfranchisement in every aspect needs to end.

If Republicans manage to stay unified, while the Senate majority might increase for Democrats in 2022, the House is questionable. *See above rant. Without a substantial majority in Congress, real election reform will not happen and voters will lose control of the government.

We’ve all known for quite a while who the GQP are, what values they uphold, and who they serve. Liz Cheney only is one more domino to fall as the GOP recalibrate their goal of destroying our democratic process and turning us over to authoritarianism. They have no qualms ignoring the will of the people.

Representative Liz Cheney, until now, the third highest-ranking Republican in the House, has been removed from her position as Republican Conference Chair. Every Republican in the House voted to remove Cheney from her leadership roles, but none of them dared to do so on record.

The bright spot here is that while all the Republicans in Congress, except for Liz Cheney (Satan’s spawn,) support the former guy, their constituents are jumping ship. Meanwhile, an anti-Trump faction is considering the idea of starting a third party. There are conservatives ready to run in opposition to those currently in office. There is talk that they will form a third party. Don’t tell them that if they do this it will split the GOP vote giving Democrats the edge they need to substantially increase their majority.

How is it possible that Liz Cheney has become the voice of reason among the Republican Body, the party that has bored itself up that former guy’s ass? If Republicans don’t unify soon, dumping the lump, they will destroy themselves.

The Electoral College:
Don’t get me started.



*This post was written in response to a comment on my last post by Lolsy’s Library. 🤓

6 thoughts on “Republican Numbers Diminish, But Their Power Stays Intact

  1. I don’t understand the GOP, either. So McCarthy wanted Cheney out because she didn’t support The Big Lie, but he doesn’t believe The Big Lie either? Oh, and the ‘regular tour group’ in the Capitol? How can they say stuff like that??!! And we didn’t ‘listen’ to what he said…. My head hurt at that point.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheney was expelled for speaking out about Trump, but Marjory Taylor Green is harasses and bullys Democrats, has been caught on tape with people arrested during the riot— 🦗 crickets from Qevin


    1. If MTG was not in Congress she would be just another Karen doxed and fired from her job, possibly charged. I can’t believe there is no way to get rid of her when she is a threat to AOC others. The government is where criminals work to get a free pass.


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