Democracy Update

🎼 “Feeling Good” 🎼

Joe’s flyin high

Democracy’s real

63% won’t deny

Empathy’s appeal

Moored by a big lie

Flotilla can’t conceal


Laws apply- fact

Despite attempts

ToLose Distract (Trump)

He’s not exempt

(Did he do anything good?)


Votes certified

You know they all knew

GQP tried

To coerce a coup

That former guy

Don the douche canoe

(Indictment is good.)


Ousted Cheney

Stefanik is in

It’s Trump’s party

What is Qevin’s spin?

“Speaker” McCarthy

But they’d need to win


50 million

Morons still believe


In 2020

(Food for thought or thoughts for food?)


A Judge denied

Bankruptcy ploy

NRA filed

In bad faith, purloined

Charity – cried

They’ll dissolve? Oh, boy.


Don Jr’s high

Fear is what he feels

Spreading the lie

Trump lost, yeah that’s real

(Too dumb for prison- I guess that’s good.)


U.S. District

Judge Berman Jackson

Released the script

Barr’s smoking gun

Used to clear Trump

Justice obstruction


Trump tried to sack

FBI’s Chris Wray

A family pack

Barr’s docu-dump day

(Karma is good.)


Ukraine, Giuliani

Matt Gaetz is ducked

That former guy too

He’s out of luck

Garland, SD

Indictments must suck


Laws apply– fact

Despite attempts

ToLose Distract

Is not exempt


(70 million eligible voters stayed home.)


Fun fact time. A recent Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll shows Republicans are jumping ship. The voting population is now as follows:

46% Dem

17% Ind

37% Rep

15% strong Rep

22% only lean right

The problem is that gerrymandered redistricting is in full swing and we could lose the House. Voting isn’t just a right; it’s a duty.

“Palm Beach planning for the possibility of Trump indictment.” Discussions on what course of action will be taken in the event Trump is indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr.


11 thoughts on “Democracy Update

  1. Living here in sunny FL makes me wonder: what did we do to deserve both Gaetz and DeSantis? Trump can’t take the heat so he’s getting out of the kitchen…I mean heading up to NJ–my home state. Damn. I can’t get rid of the guy.

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  2. Public service note: there’s a group called “unfoxmycablebox” working to help defund that dis and mis-information empire. I was truly shocked to learn that everyone who has cable is paying $2 per month to that fill-in-your-favorite-curse network.

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  3. Please do a synopsis on my scattered brain, Lydia. You’re just the person to do it. You have been chosen. Congratulations!

    In 2012, I published a tongue in cheek post entitled, “Trying to be like Dick Cheney.” Now, suddenly, I’m touched by Liz Cheney. Between these episodes Trump was president.

    Now ~ scattered brains are everywhere!

    Is it just me? Or is it everybody around here? Scattered!!!

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    1. That piece is art. You managed to describe him without using the word Satan too.

      Liz Cheney is a riddle. I’ve permitted myself to admire her strength.

      I have a page of notes on her— I think I’ll try to make sense of them today. 😉

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