Trump Provoked January 06

Today, Thursday, is likely the last day of the Senate impeachment teams presentation.

Wednesday’s argument left viewers shaken as prosecutors pieced together the events from several points of view, particularly that of the Capitol Police. The hours they fought off Trump’s mob, that far outnumbered them, and the violence inflicted on them was graphically displayed. One hundred and forty officers were seriously injured.

The timeline of events was illustrated with the use of a split-screen, one side displayed a map with three moving dots, representing members of Congress, the mob, and the capitol police. The other side of the split-screen showed never before seen security footage. It was made clear how close our elected officials came to the violence.

Several Republican Senators decided long ago not to convict Trump. These are the same Senators who played into Trump’s provocation of his base. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, in particular, spoke openly on the subject of election results, nurturing the lie that the election was stolen. Those senators childishly made a spectacle of their refusal to listen to evidence.

CNN (Abby Phillip): Some GOP senators are melodramatic “not listening” to the House managers’ case inside the Senate chamber. It appears that this camp largely includes Trump’s nominal co-conspirators: Graham, Cruz, Paul.

CNN (Jeff Zeleny): “A variety of Republican senators [were] not necessarily paying a lot of attention [to the House managers’ case] early on [in Day 2 of Trump’s impeachment trial].”

ABC News: Sen Josh Hawley sitting back with his feet up.

MSNBC: Republican Josh Hawley wasn’t paying attention to parts of the trial. He was sitting with his legs up on the seat in front of him, reading unrelated materials, according to @GarrettHaake.

Josh Hawley, who was the first senator to announce plans to contest the election results on Jan. 6, told a group of reporters: “What is going on right now is people do not approve of it,” he said. “I mean they think it’s not legitimate, they think it’s a waste of time.”

Hawley is an entitled child in a suit.

Whether the Senators were “shaken” enough, by the new video footage presented on Wednesday, to vote to convict Trump, remains to be seen. The fact that 44 Senators voted yes on Monday to the question of whether or not the trial is unconstitutional is a clue. They did not scruple to enable McConnell’s game of moving the goalposts- delaying the trial until Trump was out of office in compliance with McConnell’s demands, then saying it is too late to have a trial, that the trial is unconstitutional because the delay is an example of their ethical compass.

CNN (Brian Stelter): “Several GOP senators make clear they view the footage played by House managers throughout the afternoon as chilling and are shaken by what they saw– but are signaling they won’t change their plans to vote to acquit former President Trump in the impeachment case,”

Those members of Congress who vote to acquit Trump will be remembered for their part in this attack on our democracy.

Democrats are proving their case.

The all-star impeachment team:

Jamie Raskin – manager

Joaquin Castro

Don Cicilline

Madeline Dean

Diana DeGette

Ted Leu

Joe Neguse

Stacey Plaskett

Eric Swalwell

The second day of proceedings ended with objections by Republican Senator Mike Lee, who earlier in the week said that Trump deserves “a Mulligan” for inciting the violence that led to the death of seven. Lee objected to the mention of his part in the events of January 6, when Trump called him by accident, meaning to call Tommy Tuberville. Give me a Mulligan.

In other Trump news:

Georgia’s Fulton County prosecutors have opened an investigation into Trump’s attempts to overturn the election results in their state, which included his phone call with Georgia Secretary of State,Brad Raffensperger. (btw- Lindsey Graham made a similar phone call.)

Trump is now officially under criminal investigation in both Georgia and New York.

15 thoughts on “Trump Provoked January 06

  1. Great write up, Lydia. And please keep in mind that this is the same party – especially that cretin Graham – that insisted that Bill; Clinton absolutely had to be impeached for lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky! THAT “had” to happen, without fail! But this Orange Orangutang has been pissing all over our Constitution AND his “oath of office” (that’s hilarious, Trump taking an oath on anything) and he gets a pass because they’re afraid of the fall out from his minions. The worst sort of hypocrisy and self-serving behavior i thin we’ve ever witnessed. The only people worse than them are the shit-for-brains constituents that voted for them. They should be ashamed of themselves!!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. What, and break a perfect record? Trump doesn’t pay ANYONE! just ask Michael Cohen whose job it was to call vendors and tell them they were only going to get $.50 on the dollar or less!

      Most of the attorneys that passed on this form him did so because they figured they wouldn’t get paid!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m afraid you’re correct, Lydia. It’s so obvious that the new GOP “Lawless Party” isn’t about to hold one of their own – not matter how egregious or violent the act, or obvious level of guilt – accountable for anything. I am stunned to see that no matter how blatant the guilt is, they can smugly dismiss the evidence, choose not to participate or even listen to the argument and that’s ok! Ok with their colleagues, their constituents, their own consciences. It’s appalling to a level never before witnessed in our country. A complete dereliction of their duty with not so much as the most minor reprimand. Nothing at all. The Orange Orangutang walks.

    Liked by 2 people

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