Kushner, Chao, Tucker, Kanye, Nunes, and Corporate Socialism

They make up phrases like ”leftist fascism.” They think calling democrats “socialists” will scare those who don’t realize Social Security, a program we need to retire, funded with our earnings, a program this administration is fighting to dissolve, is a socialistic program. They try to instil fear by saying Democrats will raise taxes. Whose taxes are they concerned about? Let me remind you who benefitted from the GOP tax cut; billionaires cleaned up on that deal. Corporations like Amazon didn’t pay taxes at all, but they wouldn’t offer sick leave to warehouse workers who became sick with C-19.

What we are watching is corporate socialism.

What did you do with your $1,200 stimulus check? I had some dead trees cut down and new ones planted along my property line. The new ones are dying now. It’s true, my splurge, my chance to create curb appeal before I am forced to sell my house is dying. That was money I should have held on to. I know that now. Look at how my dying trees skyrocketed the deficit.

Wait, my dying trees had nothing to do with the deficit. You must know by now that for Mitch McConnell to have agreed to a stimulus package he would have had some kind of a plan, a self-serving nefarious plan, to profit.

When Steve Mnuchen, Treasury Secretary (the villain from every Batman movie) refused to disclose the recipients of the forgivable small business “loans,” we knew. We didn’t have the deets, but we knew our tax money, money the next several generations will have to pay back, had been pilfered.

So, can you guess? What do Jared Kushner, Mrs. Mitch McConnell-Elaine Chao, Tucker Carlson, Kanye West, Texas Representative Roger Williams, and Devin Nunes have in common?

They, along with propaganda news outlets like The Daily Caller, and Newsmax, claimed millions of PPP loans, tax dollars meant to save struggling small businesses during the pandemic. Who else? Grover Norquist, the head of a conservative alliés group called “The Americans for Tax Reform Foundation,” took C-19 funds meant to be a life preserver for small businesses. And I think I see Devos on the list. Kushner’s family didn’t take one single loan, they took three “loans.”

Kanye, the billionaire rapper who announced his candidacy for president took over $2 million. Is his presidential campaign farce quid pro quo, intended to siphon Biden votes? Hell yes.

The next time you walk past a small business that has been boarded up because the relief money was gone before they could get help, think about the hypocrisy of this administration.

Trump fights in court to hide his financial transactions for a reason, to keep his corruption out of the public eye. His administration fought to conceal the recipients of this relief package.

I’ll think about that every time I look at my dying trees.







5 thoughts on “Kushner, Chao, Tucker, Kanye, Nunes, and Corporate Socialism

  1. You know, Lydia, I appreciate your posts but it’s friggin’ depressing. I’m prone to that anyway and some days I just don’t need to be reminded that I am perfectly justified in feeling hopeless, downtrodden, and stuck in a deep trench that I will never get out of.
    I mean, keep writing because it’s informative but…shit…what an Effing mess!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You still have some of your humor?! ohyeah, I have noticed that in some of your writing. It’s good when it shows up.

        Liked by 1 person

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