Senator Loeffler’s Quid Pro Quo

Kelly Loeffler broke into politics, just months ago. She is a Republican from Georgia who was appointed by Governor Brian Kemp, (cheater) to fill a vacancy in the Senate. Having had no political experience, she previously served as CEO of Bakkt, a subsidiary of a commodity and financial service provider called Intercontinental Exchange.

Loeffler is married to Jeff Sprecher who, in addition to being a Don Rickles doppelgänger, is chairman of the New York Stock Exchange. In March, news reports disclosed that Loeffler was among a group of Senators who used privileged information, received during a January 24, 2020, Senate briefing on COVID19, to dump stock that would prove to be hard hit by the pandemic.

You may remember last week Republican Senator Richard Burr, of North Carolina, one of the most powerful members of Congress, was forced to step down from his position as Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman due to similar allegations. Attorney General Bill Barr sent federal agents to seize Burr’s phone.

There is more to Attorney General Barr singling out only Senator Burr (*two different names) for investigation. Although Richard Burr is, as I said, one of many Senators who attended that meeting and used the information to portfolio shuffle, he is the only one under investigation, so far. That is likely due to the fact that Burr’s committee was due to release its final installment of a 5-part report on Russia’s interference in tRump’s 2016 “win.”

Back to today’s villain. This is Senator Kelly Loeffler’s timeline:

  • January 06, 2020, Kelly Loeffler is sworn in as the freshman Senator from Georgia.
  • January 24, 2020, Senator Loeffler attends a Senate meeting where COVID19 information is shared with attendees but is not publicly disclosed.
  • January 24, 2020, (same day,) Loeffler and Sprecher, her husband, begin selling $18 million of shares in industries that would prove to be adversely affected by the pandemic and purchasing shares of companies that would benefit.
  • March, 2020 Federal Trade Commission disclosures are released showing unusual trading activity, and this is reported by the press.
  • April 13, 2020, (my birthday) Loeffler is bombarded with allegations regarding the trades.
  • Late April 2020- A (quid) pro-trump Super PAC received a $1 million donation from Loeffler and Sprecher, her husband.
  • Mob money paid; Loffler and Sprecher are protected from insider trading charges, for now.

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