My Gift to Rand Paul

Word has it someone has behaved like a petulant child forced to go to church and sit through a long sermon they don’t understand. This, someone, broke Senate impeachment trial rules, rules created by the Senate Majority Leader, and agreed to by the Senate majority, which includes the someone of whom I speak.

To sneak in a document unrelated to the trial, a crossword puzzle that he worked on the down-low, during testimony, is all kinds of wrong.

I am a humanitarian; I care deeply and almost equally about every idiot on earth. I particularly worry that the American public will think this someone is a bigger jackass than they already believe him to be, which he is.

As such, Rand Paul, I’ve created a way for you to do your puzzle without breaking the rules. This is my gift to you.

It’s a crossword puzzle related to the impeachment trial. 🙄

I’ll post the answers during your lunch break. Now comb your hair, sit up straight, and do your job.

5 thoughts on “My Gift to Rand Paul

    1. I should have included this link to a Washington Post article.
      Apparently, because cameras are only allowed to focus on the speakers, Russia funded Senators are behaving badly.
      Rand Paul responded to a question about his crossword puzzle by complaining that it was a long day.

      Today he drew pictures on his note pad.


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