Amendments of Impeachment Articles Passed

“From a certain point onward there is no longer any turning back. that is the point that must be reached.” ~Franz Kafka

We reached that point a while ago.

A vote on amendments to the articles of impeachment against tRump took place minutes ago. Committee members voted along party lines as was expected; the vote passed.

The final vote to impeach will move on to the entire body of the House of Representatives, likely on Wednesday.

Today’s vote is the culmination of a 14-hour marathon markup of the articles that began early yesterday and continued late into the night. Chairman Nadler ended the meeting to the objections of Republican members who were hoping, it seemed, to delay the vote until the public had lost interest.


“They can’t make a crime. They hold back to the fact that we can impeach him for anything, and that’s what they’ve done.” ~Rep Doug Collins, R/GA

Whatever that means.

At one point, Collins shouted in anger, threw down his papers and stormed out. Unfortunately for us all, he returned. It was bad theater.

Republicans stalled proceedings late into the night, with arguments to amend the articles of impeachment with the removal of things like abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. They want the crimes removed from the articles of impeachment.

Interruptions, prevarications and equivocations, were all shouted from outraged faces of republicans.

Some of the lies repeated:

tRump withheld Ukraine aid to “fight corruption.”

Yes, you heard right, the most corrupt POTUS in history, who engaged in a smear campaign to remove anti-corruption Ukraine Ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch, was so worried that the new anti-corruption president of Ukraine was corrupt that he withheld taxpayer-funded aid until said Ukraine President Zelensky made a public announcement that he was investigating tRump’s highest polling political rival.

It’s perfectly legal for the mango-Mussolini to withhold aid because he’s the president.

That’s what they said. He can do what he wants.

*Matt Gaetz listens as he scolded: “the pot calling the kettle black.” Rep Hank Johnson

Hunter Biden had a drug and alcohol problem.

This point was brought up by Matt DUI Gaetz, the Congressman whose politician dad had charges against him dropped.

Rep. Hank Johnson: Rep. Gaetz ‘Pot Calling Kettle Black’ Bringing Up Hunter Biden’s DUI | MSNBC

*Nepotism among the tRump and Gaetz families is perfectly acceptable, but not for Biden.

Republicans are “outraged” that Democrats want to impeach this good man for exercising his right to extort a foreign power into helping him cheat to win re-election.

Democrats have harassed the POTUS for three years, rather than do their job.

Their job includes making laws. Since this Democratic majority House took office, they have penned 400 laws that Mitch McConnell has blocked.

Their other job is to police the commander in chief. This is in the constitution. The Democratic members of the House of Representatives are doing their job.

Let’s remember, Trump was recently ordered to pay back the $2 million he stole from his charity, and before he took office he paid $25 million to defrauded students of his fake university, and he paid hush money to a porn star to keep their one shark-night stand quiet. Melancholia had just birthed her child, who shall remain nameless.

These brazenly corrupt Republicans have no shame.

“Colonel Vindman was portrayed as some hero?! He’s no hero.” ~Texas Representative Gohmert

Vindman, who testified against tRump, received a Purple Heart after he was injured by an explosive while fighting in Iraq. He returned to the battlefield the next day.

Gohmert went on to name the person he believes is the whistleblower.

These republicans are truly despicable people, every last one.

 “When these Ukrainian government wanted to investigate corruption, like we all keep talking about they need to, well, they start investigating Burisma and what happens? Joe Biden says you’d better fire that prosecutor investigating corruption into Burisma or you’re not going to get a billion dollars. And six hours later that’s what happened. That’s called influence peddling that is a crime, and there is a prima facie case of that. And it’s absolutely appropriate for a president to ask about that.” Rep. John Radcliffe

Another Texas GOP Representative, John Radcliffe, tried to deflect away from tRump during the impeachment hearing by accusing Joe Biden of felony influence peddling.

Considering the following, I’m not feeling great about our future—

  • Senate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch McConnell told Fox that there is “no chance” tRump will be removed from office. This followed his move to block the vote of another bill that would secure our elections.
  • Boris Johnson’s won his general election yesterday.
  • It isn’t comforting to know that we are not alone in our Putin induced isolationism. Misery in this case doesn’t love company.

    Image: Mitch McConnell: ‘No chance’ that Donald Trump is removed from …

    Desperate Republicans Accuse Joe Biden Of A Crime During Trump Impeachment

    GOP Rep. Gohmert publicly names person some Republicans say is whistleblower

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