Breaking News We Knew

Today is a tell me something I didn’t know, x3 kind of day.

Shock is rippling through Washington DC with news of a disclosure detail in Trump’s massive Deutsche bank loans. Remember Don the con had filed bankruptcy six times, and not a single American bank would lend him an ear, much less money. The Deutsche bank loan was only authorized because DT had co-signers.

Who, you ask? His hundred million $$ loans were approved through Deutsche bank only because Russian oligarchs close to Putin co-signed for him. In other words, (or the same words repeated in a different order, ) Vladimir Putin, via his Russian mob, oligarchs of the KGB, co-signed Trump’s loan.

Now we know why deficit Donny would not show us his taxes, and why DT will not ever say a word against Putin, and why DT argues on Putin’s behalf at G7, and why DT’s gang fights against Russian sanctions, and… We already knew.

Let’s not forget, former SCOTUS Justice Kennedy’s son, a Deutsche Bank employee, handled DT’s loan transaction.

Justice Kennedy was coaxed into retiring and replaced with Brett Kavanaugh. We still do not have an answer to the question— Who paid off Brett Kavanaugh’s debt?

Trump has worked for the Russian mob for 30 years. They paid his $4 billion debt and restocked his coffers.

The second shocking news story (that we knew,) is—

Voters in Mississippi took a video of their many attempts to vote democratic and the machines not letting them.

The official response:

“Officials suspect that the offending machines were somehow mishandled and lost calibration.”

”Mississippi officials confirm multiple cases of voting machines changing votes in GOP governor runoff.” (story link below)

Roughhousing with a machine doesn’t result in the accidental installation of vote changing software or the re-configuration of data.

This same scenario played out in Texas and Atlanta, and South Carolina in 2018. Mitch McConnell has not allowed any election security reform to pass in congress, so why is this news?

Republicans have in the past and continue to buy rigged voting machines that change democratic votes to Republican voters.

This is their plan for 2020. This is why Trump, Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, etc., are not concerned with their low polls. Of course, they’d like better polls because there would be less suspicion when they ”win.”

Video, reports of machines automatically changing votes in Mississippi GOP governor runoff – USA TODAY

Finally, today is the deadline for Democratic presidential candidates to qualify for the 3rd debate. Tulsi Gabbard, (wolf in sheep’s clothing,) is a no. 🤔

Who has qualified for the debate?

Former V P Joe Biden;

Senator Elizabeth Warren;

Senator Bernie Sanders;

Senator Cory Booker;

Mayor Pete Buttigieg;

Former Housing Secretary Julián Castro; Senator Kamala Harris;

Senator Amy Klobuchar;

Beto O’Rourke;

and Andrew Yang.

Close but no cigar: Tom Steyer, Tulsi Gabbard, Marianne Williamson, and Senator Kirsten (I demand Al Franken resign) Gillibrand

*One poll shy, Steyer could still surprise us.  

Mississippi officials confirm multiple cases of voting machines changing votes in GOP governor runoff

Trump’s ties to the Russian mafia go back 3 decades

Donald Trump Received Loans Co-Signed By Russian Billionaires, Says Source Close To Deutsche Bank

Susan Collins: People ‘appreciate’ my vote for Kavanaugh even though polls say otherwise

Touch-screen voting machines are automatically changing votes in Mississippi

Election security in South Carolina: Why some say you should worry about Tuesday’s vote

Voting machine errors changed votes in Cruz-O’Rourke race, group says

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