GOP Solutions to Gun Violence

“May God bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo.” ~Dotard prays for Toledo in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Dayton

Drump denied responsibility for the part he plays by race bating, and inciting hatred and violence, in mass shootings. He wants the shootings to be an immigration reform issue, suggesting tying background check legislation to immigration reform.

Individual 1 also blames mental illness, although he doesn’t think health insurance should cover treatment. He also conveniently forgets that the first bill he rescinded after his inauguration prevented the mentally ill from owning guns.

More crazy. I don’t know where this particular restaurant is, my google search found many restaurants across the country called ”Splash.” It could be any state that allows people to carry guns. Most do.

The man with five guns is the NRA ideal member: they’d love to see the American population walk around with more guns than sense. Does that old man, who looks like he needs both hands to hold his hamberder, think he could stop anyone who decided to grab one of those weapons he has propped up? Stupid.

Clearly this is a Starbucks. Every establishment has the right to ban guns. They only need a sticker proclaiming it a gun free zone.

Which of the teenaged employees gets to tell this guy he can’t have that machine gun in the store? The new hire?

The partisan fight continues: Yesterday Democrats demanded Senate Majority Leader McConnell call the senate back from it’s August recess to hold a vote on the gun violence protections bill he has been sitting on since February. The bill closes a loophole that allows the transfer of firearms without a background check at gun shows or between individuals. 

Shortly after the demand was made public, word came that Mitch McConnell had taken a spill and broke his collar bone in his Kentucky home.

The timing of the mishap gives Moscow Mitch a very convenient excuse not to call the Senate to reconvene: ”I’ve fallen, and I can’t allow a vote.”

First Moscow Mitch, and them Kentucky’s other vile senator Rand Paul called in sick, limiting his August activity.

Did Mitch fall on Rand?

Perhaps they hope America’s short attention span will save them from having to choose the Russia funded NRA over public safety.

Don’t get me wrong, Republicans do have solutions.

Ohio Representative Candice Keller, blames violent video games, “fatherlessness,” recreational marijuana use and “open borders.”

House Minority Leader (R/CA) Kevin McCarthy blames video games, and the ban on school prayer.

Video games are to blame, although the rest of the world, where gun control exists, have these video games without mass shootings.

2019 mass shootings:

🇦🇹 0, 🇩🇰 0, 🇫🇮 0, 🇩🇪 0, 🇮🇹 0, 🇮🇪 0, 🇱🇺 0,🇨🇭 0, 🇬🇧 0, 🇭🇺 0, 🇪🇸 0, 🇵🇹 0, 🇸🇬 0 , 🇸🇦 0, 🇧🇪 0, 🇸🇪 0, 🇦🇺 0, 🇫🇷 0, 🇳🇿 1, 🇳🇱 1, 🇧🇷 1, 🇨🇦 1, 🇲🇽 3, 🇺🇸 250

Trump suggests tying background checks to immigration reform legislation after deadly shootings

Rand Paul to ‘limit’ August activities due to health

Mitch McConnell fractures his shoulder

Democrats demand McConnell convene Senate to pass background checks after mass shootings

One thought on “GOP Solutions to Gun Violence

  1. They’ve all been trained and conditioned to never blame the guns. It’ll never be up to them, it’s up to us. We must each respond to this and not let it slide.

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