It’s all Propoganda

”It’s true that the president’s job approval rating has been unusually stable when compared with other presidents.” ~Nate Cohn, NYT

God help us. Despite everything, (do I need to make a list?), our Stable POTUS still has an approval rating. Propaganda works, and our current government is a testament to that fact.

If you think you can avoid propaganda by reading and watching mainstream news exclusively, you are mistaken. You are still receiving a watered-down report of events, written by journalists who are afraid of losing their White House access, writing what they are told rather than truth. Perhaps they are sympathetic.

Mainstream media is hesitant to call out the sniffling, snorting, the nazi elephant in the room.

One of many examples can be found in the New York Times story published on August 6. The left was the first edition. There was so much backlash against the phraseology (bullshit, ) of the title: ”Trump Urges Unity” that they changed the story title by the second edition, seen on the right: ”Assailing Hate, But Not Guns.”

45 is the most divisive man who ever took up residence in the White House. People believe what they are told.

The Great Hack,

The Creepy Line,

Active Measures,

☝️Above are trailers for three must-see films that attempt to explain the views of so many seemingly normal people. We are under attack.

If you and I do a google search on the same political subject, odds are we won’t get the same results.

As Robert Mueller stated at the end of his inquiry for the House Judicial and Oversight Committees, when asked by Congressman Hurd:

”Did you think this was a single attempt by Russia a to get involved in our election, or did you find evidence to suggest they’ll try to do this again.”

Mueller responded:

”It wasn’t a single attempt to do this; they’re doing it as we sit here, and they expect to do it during the next campaign.”

I see propaganda in my news feed. I see fake accounts spreading disinformation on twitter; my son tells me he never gets news describing events we discuss. The general public is bombarded with propaganda daily.

You have seen by now, our racist leader took advantage of the injured victims of the latest mass shooting, using them as props for photo ops in Texas and Ohio. He visited hospitals for footage that will undoubtedly be used in his campaign ads.

He tweeted pictures that he thinks show he cares.

The patient doesn’t look happy about the visit. He’s holding the hand of someone offering empathy and support, despite the fiend lurking over their shoulders.

You may ask yourself why the hospital staff surrounding the hate monger are gushing like teenagers at a Justin Bieber concert. How could they be so unprofessional in what should be a somber moment.

Why does a nurse have long acrylic nails? Why don’t their uniforms match?

45 staged his hospital visits. They were photo-op for a narcissistic psychopath.

In contrast, President Obama offered human compassion to victims.

Meanwhile, ☝️ this was rolling down the street outside, and this was happening in Mississippi.👇🏼

I was recently reminded that the number 88 is symbolic among the neo-nazi faction. H is the 8th number of the alphabet. 8/8 means H/H (Heil Hitler). Why do I mention this? On August 4, the day after the mass shooting that resulted in the death of 31 victims in the border city of El Paso, with an 80-90% Hispanic population, Trump ordered flags hung at half-mast until 8/8. Random?

While we are speaking of El Paso, I’d like to mention that Shitler never paid the city of El Paso for his rally. He owes them $500,000. He’s never paid for any of his rallies, and he still owes money for his inauguration.

My point today is that this fight isn’t over, despite the building public rage against Mitch McConnell and regardless of everything encompassing 45. It might be worthwhile to occasionally forward real news to friends who aren’t getting it.

Trump orders flags to be flown at half-staff after mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton

Don’t Assume Trump’s Approval Rating Can’t Climb Higher. It Already Has.

7 thoughts on “It’s all Propoganda

  1. Hardly a time for thumbs up and huge (fake) grins. I once used the word propaganda in a facebook comment about your current POTUS – the backlash was fast and furious with most comments showing that not many people have a clue what propaganda is. One delightful individual called me “MIssy” in her vicious reply. That’s the day I decided facebook wasn’t for me. There are none so blind etc etc. This is not the first time “Agent Orange” has shown up where he has specifically been asked not to. He has no regard for anyone. May the victims of this tragedy rest in peace.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wrote a post after the election in 2016 about the final vote count. I wrote it because I was saw a post with a similar title— and the author was a jackass, and lying about the numbers.

      I used almost an identical title for my post. For some weird reason, I hit oil. I had at least 15k views one day 10k for a few days, then several days or weeks between 10k and 5k for that post. I wonder if I intercepted something by using that guys title. My son says something about algorithms. If you googled ”final presidential vote count 2016,” or something like that, my post was one of the top results, along with mainstream media.
      Along with the views came comments. They were either vicious, ”take a civics class, idiot” or ignorant, ”Trump only lost the popular vote because of California.” That second comment and comments like it, I am convinced, we’re trolls trying to spread disinformation. Maybe the mean ones were trying to get me to stop writing or delete my post. It was stressful and made me second guess this blog.
      It was around that time that I changed my settings so that I have to approve any comments before they are posted. I don’t want my blog used to be a tool for bots and trolls.
      Once in a while, I see a couple of views from Russia in my stats, usually if Putin is in the title. It’s interesting.
      I’ve never had another post come close to the views on that one. Most of my posts get under 100 views, but I feel lucky to have an educated group who follow me. I rarely get verbally abused anymore, but if I do I delete those comments. It’s not worth the effort to argue with people who are willfully blind.
      I’m off Facebook too, for several reasons.
      Anyway, it is propaganda, and we are reliving history, with concentration camps, separating families, and 45 inciting racism and encouraging violence, the mass shootings remind me of the gas chambers. It’s my opinion, but based on facts.
      I agree with you. People can be horrible. I’ve learned not to engage them. I write what I want, as per Amendment 1 and It’s my blog, so I don’t have to publish rude comments. We all have the right to free speech.

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      1. I wholeheartedly agree with you. We certainly do have the right to free speech, without people thinking its ok to abuse us for our point of view, and in particular disagreeing with theirs. Like you I have learned not to engage. In my humble opinion it is time to shut facebook and its ilk down. However, like gun control, I think it is too late for that.

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