Epstein Found Semi-Consious

Convicted sex offender and accused child sex trafficker/pedophile rapist, Jeffrey Epstein, jailed since July 6, was found in his Manhattan prison cell last night: “injured and in a fetal position, semi-conscious, with marks around his neck.”

No one cares, but there is a widespread debate underway on the topic of what exactly happened and why.

  • Was it an attempted suicide? Has he lost the will to live, with the knowledge that his opportunities to molest pubescent girls several times a week has finally ended?
  • Did Epstein stage a suicide attempt, with hopes of being moved to a more comfortable psychiatric facility?
  • Was it prison justice? Inmates tend to target pedophiles because they’re pedophiles, and they deserve it.
  • Or, is someone on the outside trying to kill him before he can implicate them? I’d assume most of his rich and powerful pedophile friends want him dead. Trump supporters say it was the Clintons, but Frump seems to have more to fear if Epstein talks.

Jeffrey Epstein is part of something bigger than his vile sins. He needs to be protected just long enough to talk.

What do you think happened?

Jeffrey Epstein on suicide watch after accused sex trafficker found injured in NY jail

Jeffrey Epstein Found Injured in Manhattan Jail Cell

The big names in Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Black Book’: Trumps, Clintons, Prince Andrew, Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, more on accused sex trafficker’s phone list

7 thoughts on “Epstein Found Semi-Consious

  1. I heard this on Twitter: He tried to commit suicide because he heard that the Clintons were going to have him killed. I laughed and laughed. But seriously, he needs to be kept alive and that may prove to be very difficult.

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    1. I wouldn’t mind occasional updates telling us that he’s been attacked, but you’re right, he has to be kept alive. Maybe they should call a meeting for all the prisoners and explain the boundaries.

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      1. True. 😉

        If someone with enough money wants to keep Epstein from testifying, I would think the odds are in favor of them finding someone willing to take a bribe to allow it happen.

        Larry Nassar (pedophile Dr for US Olympic women’s gymnasts) was attacked shortly after he was put in with the general population at his prison.

        He has since been moved to a ”special needs prison, ”high security for sex offenders, ex-cops, and others who might be targeted.”

        I know these circumstances are different, because Epstein could destroy so many powerful men, but if Epsteun survives his trial maybe he and Nassar can be roommates someday.


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