McConnell Continues to Block Election Security

Robert Mueller’s testimony this week didn’t offer new information to anyone who read his report, although he did emphasize one crucial fact, Russians are still attacking our election systems. He said: ”They’re doing it while we sit here.”

Questions asked by Republican members of the House committees during the hearing were not to clarify information in the report. They only wanted to know why the investigation was started. This shows their loyalty to party surpasses loyalty to the country.

And despite a bipartisan report by the Senate intelligence committee which also found proof that Russia targeted our elections in all 50 States, starting in 2014 and continuing today, GOP Senators have blocked two bills in 24 hours that would secure our votes.

You may remember Mitch McConnell was briefed before the 2016 election, by the FBI, that Russia had been hacking into our election favoring 45. He blocked a bipartisan announcement to the public, choosing to obscure the evidence so voters would not know about Russian meddling before they voted. In the years since, nothing has been done to safeguard our elections, despite the drafting of many bills, because McConnell won’t allow it.

Moscow Mitch McConnell has repeatedly blocked election security legislation, calling the latest proposed bill “highly partisan,” and he said a bill introduced last year was a ”power grab” by Democrats.

I suppose if you consider the fact that the GOP will go by way of the dinosaur if free and fair elections are prioritized, he is correct.

Former Special Counsel Mueller also made clear— it isn’t only Russia interfering in our elections anymore, other countries are attacking us as well. A few of those countries: China, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the UAE.

It’s always about money. 45 and McConnell are traitors. Their fight is for personal wealth. Putin wanted sanctions lifted because they affected his money.

McConnell has been well compensated for his part. Just months after the Trump administration took Russian owned aluminum company, RuSal, off the U.S. sanctions list, McConnell secured a $200 million deal with the company’s owner, Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. The plan is to build an aluminum plant in Kentucky.

Additionally, a senate super PAC called ”The Senate Leadership Fund” run by McConnell’s former Chief of Staff, received a total of $3,500,000 from Russian oligarch Len Blavatnik, by way of Access Industries and a subsidiary.

We know what’s coming. 2020 will be a 2016 reboot. McConnell will not allow us to protect our voting systems, despite growing public awareness. He’s 45’s biggest supporter, and he’s a traitor.

Why do safe and secure elections, fundamental to our democracy, depend on one unethical man’s permission? How does McConnell continue to block our constitutional right to elect our leaders? It is our choice to make, not that of an elite few in Washington, not that of the 1% wealthiest among us, not Mitch McConnell, and certainly not Russia.

Why is no one stopping him?

Call Mitch McConnell. Tell him to pass the election security bill.

KY: (270) 781-1673

DC: (202) 224-3121

If they want a zip code,👉🏼 42101.

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