KAGA Trump Re-election

Last night in Orlando, in an arena with enough seats for just 20,000 people, Trump so like Jesus, somehow managed to host 100,000 and still have empty seats.

Trump has a new slogan:

“Keep America Great,” as seen in the photo, above and below an abandoned section.

What great news! We had achieved the elusive greatness that we lacked when we had President Obama, the guy who was elected by America.

Trump’s new slogan not only acts as a pat on the back for Narcissist 1, but it serves as an opportunity to sell more Trump gear. His seat in the White House has only ever been about making money.

Finally, for those who wonder what kind of a republic the United States has become, Fourth Lady Melania offers a clue, by dressing the part of a banana.

7 thoughts on “KAGA Trump Re-election

      1. I’ve read that the Mercers are out. But you’re right on every other count. I’m so sick of this administration. Honestly some days I just want to pull the covers over my head and never get up.

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      2. And I forgot the Koch brothers are shopping for unethical Democrats.
        It’s incredible how fast a president can trash a country. I thought the same about Bush, but this is worse. I agree; it’s too much.

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  1. I can’t wait for the day the Mafia Don is defeated in the next Presidential election (which looks increasingly likely as he cannot increase support beyond his base). Then the law suits against him and his grifter family can really ramp up when he no longer has executive privilege.
    I’m sure he is desperate to win in 2020.

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