Which Came First, My Migraine or the Mueller Report?

I tried to read Robert Mueller’s report yesterday, with a migraine. I rarely get them, and I know you aren’t reading this post to learn what the symptoms of a migraine are:

  • blinding pain,
  • waves of nausea,
  • loss of will to live
  • As I tried to read the report I became more focused on pressure in my head, than I was on the words I was reading.
  • I was confounded as to why Mr Mueller would say his results were inconclusive… it seems to conflict with his statement “I can not exonerate him.”

    Was it the fog of my migraine that made this so confusing?

    The report confirms what I believe we already knew, but details Trump’s actions, his coordinated efforts with Manafort, Flynn, Don Jr, Kushner, etc, several Russian Oligarchs, and Putin. Why has Trump not been indicted?Trump is a criminal, that’s my belief— no, I am not an attorney.

    Which came first, my migraine or the Mueller report?

    I read without comprehension, and took breaks to check the news and twitter, to see what the general consensus was.

    I ended up following the Twitter feed of Seth Abramson. Seth is a Lawyer, and author of the book “Proof of Conspiracy”, which reads as a sister report to Part 1 of Robert Mueller’s report.

    I’ll add a link to the Twitter feed at the end of my post… did I just lose everyone to Seth Abramson? 🤔

    The string of Seth’s tweets began the night before Bill Barr’s announcement, covered Barr’s announcement, and then went onto cover the redacted Mueller Report.

    I scrolled back to Seths first tweet in the string and quickly caught up to the live tweets. He was reading the Mueller Report with a line by line analysis. This went on until 11:46 pm… which is when he finished reading Part 1. He had only stopped once, for dinner.

    In case you’re wondering, my migraine is gone today, thanks for asking. I do plan to go back to the point where I stopped reading and carry on from there.

    Regardless, today I would like to share with you—Seth Abramson’s conclusions. Again, he is an attorney who has been investigating Trump’s collusion for 2 years and, based on his findings, wrote that NYTimes best seller, “Proof of Conspiracy”.

    There is proof that Donald Trump is guilty of collusion and obstruction of justice. Mr Mueller’s investigation may not have met the standards, or burden, of proof required to prosecute Trump’s conspiracy in a criminal trial, however that is only because of the concerted effort to destroy evidence, and the rampant lying among Trump’s associates, Trump himself, and other witnesses; and, in my opinion, Robert Mueller’s investigation was ended before he had finished his work.

    Part 1, Page 10 Mueller Report 👆🏼

    Mueller lists the following impediments to his investigation:

    • Destruction of evidence
    • Invocations of Fifth Amendment
    • Witnesses and documents abroad
    • Department of Justice policies on attorneys and media
    • Legal privilege protected by “taint team” review
    • Trump’s people giving false or incomplete information
    • The scope of his investigation was limited

    Part 1, Pages 12 & 13, Mueller report 👆🏼

    For the reasons listed above, there was not enough evidence to meet the standard of proof required in a criminal investigation:

    The three standards of proof are: “Preponderance of Evidence”, which requires 51% or more evidence of the crime, “Clear and Convincing Evidence”, needs 70%, and “Beyond Reasonable Doubt”– in which you must find the evidence true with 90-100% assurance. Criminal trials require a preponderance of evidence (90%+).

    Donald Trump’s crimes have, however, exceeded the standards required to be impeached on many grounds. He is a threat to national security, a traitor to the United States, he was compromised by Russia long before the election.

    His unscrupulous ties are not only with Russia, but with Saudis and China, and Israel…

    As far as Trump colluding with Russia, we have evidence. We all saw it happen in real time. 👇🏼

    We also know Russia interfered with the 2016 election, and did so to help Donald Trump. Trump wanted their help, and accepted it. His campaign met with Russians to seek out that help. Trump and his campaign repeatedly lied about those contacts.

    Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, gave polling data for: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, to the Kremlin. Those are states Trump won unexpectedly, and contrary to exit polling data.

    Trump fired the FBI Director to stop an investigation into the matter and then tried to fire Mueller.

    👆🏼During the presidential campaign, in Trump Tower, Don Jr told a Kremlin agent that Trump would revisit the question of sanctions, if elected.


    Let me go back to Bill Barr. He lied. He lied when he said Bob Mueller left it to him to decide how to proceed with the results of the report.

    Mr Mueller clearly stated, the decision of how to proceed with his report should be left to congress:

    Barr lied about Mueller’s findings with regards to Trump’s obstruction:

    “With respect to whether the President can be found to have obstructed justice by exercising his powers under Article II of the Constitution, we concluded that Congress has the authority to prohibit a President’s corrupt use of his authority in order to protect the integrity of the administration of justice,” ~ Special counsel Robert Mueller

    Barr lied when he said Trump “fully cooperated with the investigation”: Trump and his campaign repeatedly lied to investigators, Trump fired FBI Director, James Comey, hoping to stop the investigation, and the only reason Trump did not fire Mueller is because the people he ordered to do it did not comply with his order.

    Additionally, Barr lied by omission with his heavy handed redactions at the end of Part 1, to protect Trump’s family, and likely to hide more damning information on Trump himself.

    Barr lied in several ways, he should resign, or be impeached.

    Congress has subpoenaed Bill Barr, and asked him to turn over all evidence and an un-redacted copy of Mueller’s report,

    ~ Based on Part 1 of Mueller’s Report, Seth Abramson explains under what guidelines Trump does meet the standards to be impeached:

    “426/ Recall the 4 categories of collusion:

    • Collusion (conspiracy): impeachable and a crime
    • Collusion (other crimes): impeachable and a crime
    • Collusion (national security threat): impeachable
    • Collusion (ethical violation): not impeachable and not a crime*
    *Political issue only.”

    All is far from lost, there are ongoing investigations, I believe Mr Mueller mentions 20.

    ~Listed by Abramson:

    “SDNY, EDNY, EDVA, CDCA, NYAG, NJAG, DCAG, MDAG, FBI, CIA, SSCI, NYCDA, and House committees (Ways/Means, Financial Services, Oversight, Judiciary, Intelligence). Some of these have multiple pending cases.”

    “144/ I want to note that *far and away the largest redaction category* is…


    That’s good news.👆🏼🤔👇🏼

    When Trump learned Robert Mueller had taken over the Russia investigation, he said:


    Why would he say that? 🤔

    Some of the facts already exposed by the Mueller Report will ultimately lead to Donald Trump’s demise:

    Trump knew exactly what WikiLeaks was doing.

    Tried to end the investigation, but was stopped from doing so, by his staff.

    He tried to cover up Trump Tower meeting

    Russia interfered

    Lordy, this is just the beginning.

    Link to Abramson’s Twitter thread… pack a lunch. 👇🏼

    Proof of Conspiracy: How Trump’s International Collusion Is Threatening American Democracy: Seth Abramson: 9781250256713: Amazon.com: Books

    Proof of Conspiracy: How Trump’s International Collusion Is Threatening American Democracy: Seth Abramson: 9781250256713: Amazon.com: Books

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