Chuck Grassley, Fighting to Keep Trump’s Taxes on the Downlow

Chuck Grassley, Senate Finance Committee Chairman (who helped penned the “farm bailout bill” designed to help farmers facing destitution brought on by Trump’s tariff policies, then signed up to collect those tax dollars himself), has me reconsidering my motives for wanting to see Trump’s taxes.

“When you strip out all their pretexts, and when you strip out their circular logic, all you have are Democrats who want to go after the president any way they can. They dislike him with a passion, and they want his tax returns to destroy him. That’s all this is about, and it’s Nixonian to the core.” ~Senator Chuck Grassley R/IA

Chuck Grassley, (who also pushed Brett Kavanaugh through to the Supreme Court despite finding his sexual assault accuser “credible”), question’s the motives of Americans who demand to see Trump’s taxes, despite the fact that every president since Nixon has made their taxes public,

Is it true? Are we trying to destroy Donald Trump with facts? I need some time for self reflection.

The irony is— my motives are transparent to others, but I see them too.

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