An Idiot’s Guide to Political Improvisation

  • To begin, argue crowd size at your inauguration
  • Remain stubbornly ignorant, beyond humiliation
  • Have an innate difficulty with verb conjugation,
  • Spelling, punctuation, pronunciation
  • Utilize only monosyllabic verbalization
  • A goal to beat: 7,546 statement falsifications
  • Ego must be yuge to feed narcissistic temptation
  • Fire all grownups whose suggestions resemble excoriation
  • Bully the press whose repudiation
  • Takes away from intentional obfuscation
  • Push personal safeguards through legislation
  • Ignore 17 personal investigations
  • Watch TV that doesn’t report true revelations
  • Or each shocking new daily accusation
  • Not including those 19 sexual allegations
  • All unwanted, some violent, assignations
  • Commit fraud using various tactics, some via taxation
  • Choose the best people: 16 with Russian associations
  • 5 advisors found guilty: all on coffee boy rotation
  • Hire Racists who approve of dehumanization
  • Of 14,700 children detained seeking self preservation
  • 2500 migrant children taken from parents with no justification
  • After 2 years no cabinet… the best people lack dedication
  • Financial safeguards, Dod Frank, inactivation
  • Retirement funds dwindled thanks to Dow Jones deflation
  • Tax cut for the rich and corporations
  • Cause a $ 1.5 trillion deficit inflation
  • Ignore Puerto Rican devastation
  • (it’s an island surrounded by a lot of water)
    • Use Trump org as a shell corporation
    • Eventually the public will lower their expectations
    • So keep Betsy Devos’ in charge of education
    • Try to cash out the Social Security Administration
    • Attempt to create a nation via gentrification
    • Fox network will assist in Idiot manipulation
    • Dismantle pollution standard conservations
    • Despite earths impending obliteration
    • Because the primary concern is personal valuation
    • Have an ongoing incestuous infatuation
    • Partake in indiscriminate porn star penetration
    • And Evangelically approved raw dog ejaculation
    • Agree only to answer written (by a legal team) interrogation
    • 1/3/2019, the new Congress means American melioration
    • An impending inevitable presidential invalidation
    • A career criminal’s downfall cause: insatiable self gratification
    • Putin can’t be allowed to decide who runs our nation
    • Of course this will end with mass incarceration
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