Trump Tense on Twitter Today… limerick

Five frantic tweets fired off so far

For Trump that’s not truly bizarre

Early morn, before nine

Seventeen lang syne

Something’s set shitler’s scull ajar


Trump’s too tense on Twitter today

With the week he’s had one would say

He has cogent cause

Free Flynn… and because

IS it family Indictment Friday?


Minnow GOP, mired in wrongness

For big fish I’d wait for new Congress

Don Jr, Stone, Pence,

Kushner… to commence

Who’ll be the next netted accomplice

I jumped the gun he’s just getting started

Two new tweets now, both poorly worded

I can’t update more

Besides, he’s a bore

I’ll wait to see which traitor’s departed

8 thoughts on “Trump Tense on Twitter Today… limerick

  1. He does seem unhinged. The China one interests me the most, after his twit fiasco earlier this week. I, rather cynically, have been wondering if it is deliberate market manipulation…And who is raking in the big bucks.

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    1. I’m sure he’s making a mint, and that’s all he cares about. But I have had a feeling lately that he’s setting himself up for an insanity plea, wandering off and acting more stupid than normal. After Flynn’s non-sentence he has to know it’s over.


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