Trump is Not a Friend to Labor

Happy Labor Day to the People who Make Corporate America Profitable:

  • Front line customer service employees who take verbal abuse, on behalf of corporate executives, for never ending cuts in services and price hikes that short consumers, decisions that only profit CEO’s and shareholders.
  • Happy Labor Day to the employees who do the back breaking work behind the scenes, building, constructing, stocking, repairing, processing, etc.
  • Happy Labor Day to those who risk their health and safety working in underground mines, on offshore oil rigs, and in compressed metal tubes— airplanes.
    Happy Labor Day to those who educate our children without the benefit of supplies.
  • Happy Labor Day to every card carrying, dues paying member of a US Labor Union, and to those who work without the benefit of a union.

  • What has Donald Trump done to celebrate this day?

    “Unfortunately, to date, the things that he has done to hurt workers outpace what he’s done to help workers.” ~Richard Trumka, President AFL-CIO

    He has tweeted insults to the president of the largest labor union in the country, who he watched interviewed on FoxNews.

    Trump is no friend to the American worker.

    Trump Rollbacks Target Offshore Rules ‘Written With Human Blood’

    His administration has rolled back worker safety regulations.

    Trump rolls back worker safety rules

    His efforts undermine safety in an effort to add to the profits of wealth gluttons, the money hoarding class.

    Advocates warn of cover-up as Trump moves to scrap worker-safety rule

    Trump policy cuts will increase the wealth gap and diminish the middle class.

    Donald Trump Is Fueling an Explosion of New Lawsuits

    3500 lawsuits filed against Trump in the last 30 years are primarily on behalf of laborers and contractors he did not pay for services rendered.

    Trump uses the H2B visa program, in order to employ foreign workers on his properties, paying as little as $4. per hour.

    3 of Trump’s properties advertised openings for 144 seasonal jobs. Despite receiving thousands of applications he claimed he couldn’t find Americans willing to take those jobs. He hired only 1 US worker, and brought in 143 foreign workers through the H2B Visa program— a program he expanded shortly after inauguration.

    Another Labor Day gift from Trump is the cancellation of scheduled pay raises, and cuts in retirement benefits, for federal employees… because someone has to pay for corporate and billionaire tax cuts.

    Trump has also overturned a regulation that will deny over 5 million US workers overtime pay.

    Trump would sabotage Labor Unions the same way he would destroy health insurance, by passing legislation offering an opt-out. As with healthcare insurance, unions don’t work unless everyone participates by paying insurance premiums and union dues.

    Workers need unions because corporations can not be trusted to do what’s right. Greed among the rich is a plague.

    Unions give individuals the strength of numbers to fight against abuses in pay, unsafe work conditions, inhumane work rules, and for health benefits, retirement, protection the event of an injury on the job, and unwarranted or unlawful termination.

    Another reason Trump is anti-union…

    Dictators don’t like anything that empowers the masses. Putin doesn’t like unions, his strategy for world domination is to divide and conquer: Brexit, NATO, EU.

    Trump’s policy positions are based on Putin’s orders.

    I am a proud UNION member. I know unions are only as good as their leadership, like countries. Although they aren’t perfect, and I could use an extra $42 monthly, rather than pay union dues, my union membership is insurance. My union is there for me when I need them.

    I am not fooled by Trump’s anti union rhetoric, and I hope you aren’t either.

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