Paul Ryan Making Noise… a poem

Students across the world walked out of classrooms today.

Their goal in this was to stand up to the NRA.

Solidarity protesting violence due to guns

Americans wanting change number 3 to 1

Common knowledge tells us that the NRA has bribed

GOP who promise no change will be transcribed

Trump, paid $30 million, offered a solution

Sell more guns, like littering to solve pollution

“We must arm teachers”, says the orange one undeterred

Tuesday two accidental school shootings occurred

A teacher in Monterey, California, who

Is a reserve police officer trained to

Use a gun, discharged his firearm while pointing it

At the ceiling, fragments flew and a boy was hit

No serious injuries occurred, they quickly say

The second happened in a middle school in VA,

A resource officer — a five-year veteran

Of the Police Department — discharged his weapon

Inside the school, again no one was injured here

Trump’s plan is flawed, Tuesday’s incidents make that clear

Paul Ryan takes money too, from gun lobbyists,

Claims the solution is in a bill, he insists

A “School Safety Act” that does not address the root

Of the problem, which is guns, Ryan’s bill is moot

He won’t do any more, he’s an NRA sellout

He’ll pretend to care till the day he’s voted out

So, we vote them out.


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