Trump Math Quiz

Close your books, we are taking a quiz—

There are 144 seasonal job openings in 3 of Donald J(ackass) Trump’s 17 resorts. 143 of those jobs are awarded to foreign workers.

Question: How many Americans did Trump hire as seasonal workers in those 3 resorts?

Answer: 1

Your math is correct, 1 US worker was hired.

Now the essay portion of the quiz—

Why would a self professed billionaire, who claims an allegiance to his country, who desperately wants to build a wall, and who regularly tears families appart in order to deport non citizens… why would he import unskilled foreign workers, rather than hire American?

There is one correct answer—

Hint: The same answer could be used for the question— Why are Trump products manufactured overseas rather than in the US?

Answer: Donald Trump’s only allegiance is to his bank account, and by exploiting unskilled foreign workers, underpaying them and not providing them benefits, Trump makes more money for Trump.

Trump abuses the H-2B program, which was initially intended to hire farm workers at harvest time, claiming no American workers want his jobs— as servers, cooks, housekeepers, and bartenders, in order to avoid paying Americans a living wage and benefits.

He advertises job openings, on the down low, and then waits the specified amount of time before applying for the visas.

Trump’s Department of Labor expanded visa limit for the program. The pre-Trump allotment for “guest workers” was 66,000, now it is 81,000. These visas are awarded on a first come first serve basis, and you can bet Donald Trump Enterprises are first in line.

Final Question:

Is “America First” for Donald Trump?


No, America is third, after wallet and Russia.


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