The Misery of Being Ann Coulter

I’d like to pause today to shed light on a travesty of justice inflicted on Ann Coulter…by Delta Airlines.

You know Ann Coulter, she is often on Fox News and expounds extremely racist far right wing ideologies with a venomous bite of hatred toward everyone who is not her. Her actual job—the woman is paid a lot of money to be a bitch…a lot of money, a big bitch. 

Her trials began when she left her home (which she should never do), and went to the airport to travel from point A to Point B. Her broomstick must have been in the shop, forcing her to travel among the peasants.
As her tweets show, all was not perfect in her aryan travels.  

She spent the 2 hour flight tweeting her opinions on the experience. The injustice for someone as white, tall, beautiful and important, (who has no self awareness and believes she is the center of the universe) to be asked to change seats is insufferable. Considering that, in her mind, no one else matters or has feelings, Delta picked the wrong bitch to move.

Apparently it took her a looooong time to figure out how to buy a ticket.

The Airlines changed “her seat.” In her universe, when she went online to purchase her ticket, she clicked on the seat and paid a $30 charge for 3″ of extra legroom, that seat became her seat! She not only owns the seat, she owns the airplane, the employees, and the passengers. 

Delta gave her a different seat, but gave her seat to someone with a bit more pigment in her skin than the supreme white shark.

In taking this photo, clearly without the subjects permission, and publishing it, Ann Coulter violated their rights to privacy, exposed these innocent people to ridicule and harassment. She repeatedly published the photo with remarks disparaging the woman’s size, heritage, and legal right to be in the US…why? Because she had been given a seat on an airplane that Ann Coulter believes she OWNS. I hope they have retained a lawyer by now.

Misery Colter also took a photo of an airline employee and insulted her.

She insulted everyone in working class America, 

Delta responded:

Perhaps she was also recompensed with a little extra DNA in her beverage…one can only hope. I have always been aware it is impolitic to treat those who handle your food and drink with such outward contempt. 

Coulter did get from point A to point B safely, she was refunded her $30, she received an apology, and she also got the attention that someone who lost relevance long ago yearns for. 

The real travesty of justice is that she was allowed to travel in a cabin with human beings. I believe Ann Coulter and the wolves who raised her have some apologies to dole out, but the Ann Coulters of the world never apologize. 

Ann Coulter, if everyone in the world had your problems there would be no suffering—except for dealing with you. The next time your broom is in the shop, consider chartering a private plane, or better yet stay home. 


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