Bullshit by any other name would smell like Trump

Today is Sunday, and what Sunday means for Donald Trump is tweeting and golfing. Only one comes at his own expense. Can you guess which? 

Tax payers foot the bill for Trump’s million dollar a day golf habit. 21% of his days as president have been spent on one of his golf courses, and that is enough to money to save many of the programs he wants to cut in order to gift his billionaire friends more money via tax cuts.

I refer to tweets, they come at his own expense, but he has deep pockets where those are concerned. The following are from today, July 16, 2017. 

Here we see Donald woke up very early to cook up a savory distraction from his son’s ever changing disclosure. He has a hand of questionably cooked accusations, and he tosses all them at the wall to see if any of them stick. If not, he keeps cooking. Trump is still throwing Hillary Clinton’s private email account at the wall. It’s not sticking POTUS, keep cooking.

This was not a Trump tweet, but worth mentioning. Here we see the smoking gun kept smoking on that “nothing burger” collusion day in June of 2016. Trump is seen socializing with the same Russian lawyer whose name Junior couldn’t remember…you know, the one with the dirt on Hillary Clinton. Trump may be the eighth person, the missing ingredient in that “nothing burger”, but that’s just my opinion. 

Here we have testimonial from one criminal who defends another, despite all the evidence. Unfortunately whatever Trump tweets, his loyal followers believe. Trump is “still winning” — just ask him.

This one is my favorite, perhaps of all time. Here we see Trump use the phrases “phony unnamed sources” & “highly slanted” & even “fraudulent reporting”,”


Here Donald spins the latest public opinion poll, which is the lowest for any president in 70 years, 36% approve— how that many people are still fooled is beyond me. In this tweet he rounds 36 up to “almost 40”. Clearly his math skills rival his   perspicacity for history. 

My conjecture on how the coming weeks and months might progress: 

  • Trump will revisit the bone spurs that he used as an excuse to dodge the draft, and this time they will allow him to resign the presidency for medical reasons, saving orange face. By resigning he will somehow protect his progeny from prison.
  • Trump will wander the planet in a robe in order to build a case for an insanity plea. 
  • Trump will continue denying any wrong doing, as Nixon did, with his last breath.

Mueller has his hands full. Every tweet can and will be used against this traitorous president, family, and his associates. 

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