Why is Donald Trump a Jackass?

Thanks to modern forensic science, and an etch-a-sketch, I’ve been able to successfully trace my genetic roots back to the year 496 bc, almost proving a direct link in bloodlines, tracing me to Sophocles the Ancient Greek playwrite. This is arguable, and would likely not hold up in a court of law, however my dad did immigrate from Greece as a teenager and did eventually own a restaurant…close enough. 

Bear that in mind, and consider this: In a summer of my high school years, I took Psychology as a correspondence course and…A+ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 thank you. 

Be patient, I’m getting to the point. 

The Ancient Greek playwrite Sophocles, of whom I may or may not be genetically linked, wrote the play Oedipus. 

In the play King Laius, of Thebes is told by an oracle he will be killed by his son. The king, trying to outsmart fate, abandons his young son in the mountainside to die. Oedipus is rescued by a shepherd and taken to the king of Corinth who raises him as his own son. 
Oedipus also receives a prophesy from an oracle that he will kill his father, and he too tries to outsmart fate by fleeing Corinth.

You can guess he meets King Laius and, without knowing the man is his father, kills him. He goes on to unwittingly marry his mother. The truth eventually comes out, (Jerry Springer?) which impels the mother/wife to hang herself. Oedipus finds her and violently blinds himself.

Enter renown psychotherapist Sigmund Freud. Freud’s most famous theory is the Oedipus complex in which he claims: a child is innately attracted to their parent of the opposite sex from as young as age three. The child goes through a progression of feelings ultimately separating from the parent. The separation may be accomplished through scorn and a sense of mastery over women, (with sons) for whom women become both desired and feared. This is a source of male denigration of women—dominance to conceal feelings of loss and guilt.

For the last bit of background before I get to the point of my post, yes there is a point, I’d like to mention another story my ancestors penned. In Greek mythology, there was a hunter named Narcissus who was known for his beauty and disdain of those who loved him. Nemesis, the Goddess of indignation against, and retribution for evil deeds and undeserved good fortune noticed this behavior and lured him to a pond where he saw what he didn’t realize was his own reflection. He fell in love and eventually died there…probably happy.

Combining the two, Narcissus with his self-involvement and denial of reality, and Oedipus in his escape from early fantasy of omnipotence leading to an eventual denigration of women—I give you POTUS 45.

In conclusion, with the vast knowledge I acquired via correspondence course, as well as the gift of my ancestry, I offer you the following analysis: Donald Trump is one messed up misogynistic jackass.


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