Paper Ballots and #2 Pencils

During a long hearing on Wednesday, cybersecurity officials of the Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee. 

In addition to confirming what we already knew— Russia waged a cyber war against us in the 2016 presidential election in attempt to guarantee a Trump win, we also learned proof exists there were many attempted intrusions into the voting systems of 21 states— “as if someone rattled the door and was unable to get in,” and in a small number “they made it through the door.” When asked if there was evidence that any votes were changed, all answered no. Which 21 states were not specified. We must assume key states were among them. 

Newly disclosed is the extent to which voter registration rolls were compromised. Personal data of more than 90,000 registered voters in Illinois was stolen by Russian operatives. Of those records, 90% of the data included drivers license numbers, and 25% contained the last four digits of voters’ Social Security numbers. Wonderful. How do you fix that?

In fact, what is being done to prevent Russians from tampering again in 2020? And dare I ask about the electoral college? Is anyone working on striking item 68 from the federalist papers?

I like to answer my own questions, so here it is—until we have a president and an attorney general who acknowledge a problem exists, nothing will be done to correct it, and neither Donald Trump, nor Jeff Sessions will acknowledge Russian interference for two reasons: it delegitimizes this presidency by raising doubt in the results, and Trump wants this forgotten is because he colluded. 

BREAKING NEWS: Mueller is onto you Donald.
Last week the Senate passed new legislation which adds to those sanctions that already exist against Russia in a 98-2 vote. That same legislation limits the presidents power to lift sanctions. 

Tuesday Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas), chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, blocked that measure in the House, saying the constitution requires bills originate in the house. 
Now we find out the White House has been lobbying House Republicans, on the down low, in an attempt to water down the new sanctions and the bill that limits his power to lift them. Pretty nervy for someone who is u der investigation.

With regards to elections in the near future, I propose we set aside electronic voting systems and return to the basics, more basic than even punch cards. We need to return to paper ballots and #2 pencils. 


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