Trump: Your Secrets about ___, ___, and ____ are Safe With Me…Did Everyone Get That?

First…well actually not first, but one of the more recent bonehead treasonous moves Donald Trump made last week was when he held a meeting in the Oval Office with Russian operatives and shared highly classified information with them. 

That move was either dangerous and traitorous, or it was dangerous and stupid. As dangerous as it was, we have learned from past experience with Trump that it can always be worse. 

Dumb met dumber and birthed an orange inheritance moron with foot in mouth disease and named him Donald. I believe junior was deprived of oxygen a little longer than necessary because when he was born the doctor slapped his mother. (Old joke, but it actually might have happened in this case.)

Today President Donald Trump met in Israel with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and announced to the press: 

“I never mentioned the word or the name Israel” during Oval Office meeting with Russians. I NEVER SHARED INFO THAT WE GOT FROM ISRAEL.”

Okay, no one said you did jackass. 
Verbally clumsy oaf Donald Trump implicated Israel as the source of U.S. intelligence with his statement today. 

It would not be surprising to find other countries refraining from sharing intelligence in the future, because Donald Trump is like that friend who just can not keep a secret. If you retain the friendship, it’s arms length…but the safest course of action would be to set them adrift.


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8 thoughts on “Trump: Your Secrets about ___, ___, and ____ are Safe With Me…Did Everyone Get That?

  1. This man preaches the whole time that we all need to work together – USA, Middle East, Israel- Palestine when he is one of the most divisive Presidents in US history.

    This foreign junket abroad Is just a self ego trip and a pleasure trip for his family. I am highly curious to see what the very humble Pope Francis makes of Trump, who seems to be than aetheist with minimal moral values.

    In the meantime let’s hope that Washington keeps on his case … the sooner he goes the better for everyone!

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    1. My sweet husband is an atheist, Ivan. He also happens to be one of the most ethical and moral human beings I’ve ever known. Just want to clarify that atheism and amorality do not necessarily go hand in hand. 😉 xoM

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