Missile Strike Target— The Public’s Perception

CNN has called Donald Trump “presidential” in the wake of his cruise missile attack on Syria. Fareed Zachariah, on CNN’s “New Day” said on Friday: “I think Donald Trump became president of the United States last night, I think this was actually a big moment.”

FOX called the missile strike a “success”, and other FOX headlines read: “Russia Condemns Attack”, and “A Russian Battle Ship Heads Toward Navy Destroyers that Launched Attack”. 

How easily manipulated is the press? Very. This missile strike was orchestrated theatrics. It was an intentionally ineffectual, empty political gesture that left: a cafeteria, a training unit, and fueling units damaged. While there was minimal damage to 6 already damaged airplanes, the main airstrip remains intact, (as shown below), and troops were mercifully left uninjured— all thanks to the advance notice of the attack that Vladimir Putin received from Donald Trump.

Reports that paint this missile attack as heroic are propaganda, spoonfed to the press, who regurgitate it into the minds of Americans and the world.

Trump claims he ordered the (illegal and unconstitutional) missile strike because he was moved to do so by pictures of children affected by Assad’s illegal chemical attack against his own people, yet Trump offers no sanctuary, still refusing to allow refugees to enter the U.S., and still offers those children and their families no humanitarian aid. He doesn’t care about the children. 

There were equally horrific pictures in 2013 of a similarly executed chemical attack, and there are countless stories of war crimes committed daily in Syria, including the torture and rape of children, but Trump was never phased by any of it before. 

Trump gave Putin enough notice to warn Assad. They had enough time to move their troops and bunker their airplanes. The attacks hit nothing of importance, which was Trump’s intention.

Russia didn’t make any attempts to shoot down those missiles, because they were in on the plan and knew the “attack” wasn’t a threat to them. 

Fox News and CNN were correct in that these bombings were a success, but not in the way they’re selling it. 

This attack successfully buried the stories that were troubling Trump. The Federal investigation into his ties to Russia, his son in laws omission of every visit to Russia and with Russian officials when he applied for White House security clearance, Devin Nunes working against the American people to protect Trump, Trump’s dismally low approval ratings, Sessions, Flynn, etc…all forgotten. 

The air strike hit it’s target, the target was truth. Now Trump is on his way to instilling fear in a large faction of the population. Fear is the Achilles heel of the human mind. It turns people into sheep. Sheep don’t question their herder.  

6 thoughts on “Missile Strike Target— The Public’s Perception

  1. I keep saying “Russo-Japanese War” to my sweet husband every time I hear of yet another distraction tactic. Came back to bite the Russians in 1905. Will bite Putin & Trump, too. 😉 xoxoM

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