The Seven Days of Trumpness

A new week is upon us, and I find I’m bored. The news and its subjects have become repetitive. In order to amuse myself I’ve decided to organize my political thoughts and limit time spent on each to one day a week. As such, my thoughts will be distributed in a more predictable manner. I’ve come up with the following schedule for future posts:

Screw the poor Sunday

This will be the day I lament the redistribution of wealth to the wealthiest 10- 15 people in America. I will also discuss the cuts to programs benefiting everyone else- i.e., public education, healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, meals on wheels, the arts, etc.

Misogynistic Monday

Here I will cover things like Ivanka’s fake feminism, the normalization of sexual assault and harassment, the way VP Pence (1950’s escapee) views women, and the effects his views have on women in the workplace, and on women’s health.

Twisted Tweet Tuesday

A kind of Twitter Roshach test. I will look at trumps tweets as if they are ink blots and describe the first thing that comes to mind.

Wiretapping Wednesday

The topics will range from microwave cameras to the many ways to use word “surveil” in a sentence.

Senate Hearings on Russia Thursday

This is the day to discuss thoughts on- Nunes, and address questions like who put him in charge? Oh that would be Trump. This is the most frustrating day of all, because the investigation into Trump’s Russian ties is happening at a snales pace. We should have moved on to a better administration by now.

Fact-Check Friday

This will be a busy day. We will clear up lies about climate change, foreign allies, the difference between real and fake news, and finally we will clear up misconceptions about how the federal government works, with it’s three parts, not just one. The Executive branch has partners, about 5,000,000 workers, then there is the Legislative (Senate and House of Representatives) and the Judicial (Supreme Court and lower Courts). I will attempt to explain how this dispels the belief of some orange leaders that America is a dictatorship.

Supremacist Saturday

Saturday’s will be dedicated to: Trump’s calls to violence at rallies, his refusal to denounce the KKK and the resultant increase in racial violence. I will take a closer look at old white men (not too close) in his cabinet and ponder their lifelong efforts to keep their kind in the power position. 

On second thought, that schedule is a bit regimented. I might instead break my schedule down by months…I hope a new category comes to light soon— like how much time will Trump be sentenced to, what his color chart says about prison jumper colors: black and white stripes vs. solid orange, who will be his cell mate… That category would breathe a new life into my posts. 

3 thoughts on “The Seven Days of Trumpness

  1. Was there a life (for you) before T.? Will there be one after his defection to Moscow? 😉 Until today I thought you never had a dull moment, but now you’re getting bored. Oh dear… 🙂 🙂 🙂

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