Bummer Trump and Ryan: AHCA is a No, America Wins

Despite Donald Trump’s bullying and threats to members of congress: “I’m going to come after you, but I know I won’t have to because I know you’ll vote yes.” It appears there were not enough republicans willing to take healthcare away from 24 million people, dismantle Medicaid, charge older citizens an average of 500% more than young people for health insurance, make preexisting conditions an excuse for insurers to deny coverage, and eliminate mental health coverage—all in order to give billionaires a tax cut. Trump’s own annual tax savings would have been $2,183,552. 

Thursday’s vote was postponed, rescheduled for today, and finally the bill died due to its own lack of coverage. That announcement came a day after this photo, a room full of geriatric hanging organs, was tweeted. Where are the women?

Mike Pence, Donald Trump, and Republican members of the House Freedom Caucus didn’t do themselves any favors releasing the photo of this meeting in which the topic discussed was cutting coverage for items none of them feel deserve to be covered: mammograms, pregnancy and maternity, prenatal care and newborn coverage in their health plans. One of the male senators said, ‘Well, I don’t know why we would need maternity benefits in here. I’ve never used them. Why would they be mandatory?’
Viagra coverage however was never in question— it has been and will always be covered. 

All is well however because the greater good won in the end. No thanks to Donald Trump or Paul Ryan (who paid for his college education with money obtained from social security benefits when his alcoholic father died of the disease), or any of the other old white men at the big table. Women will keep prenatal care, grandma keeps her blood pressure medication, and 24 million Americans will keep their health insurance. 

Now the Donald can focus on casting blame, hoping it sticks to something, and exacting revenge for his failure.

3 thoughts on “Bummer Trump and Ryan: AHCA is a No, America Wins

  1. This seemed like a good result for US healthcare for Americans, but will it stay as it is or will it go further? Or is dead in the water? I thought this proposed change was a major part of his presidential election campaign…

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    1. I think healthcare reform will come up again, but Trump has moved on for now. He doesn’t want public focus to linger on his failure to close the deal. I did read that Bernie Sanders has a healthcare proposal to offer, and I’m sure his will be more humane than Ryan and Trump’s. What ever happens, will happen with a fight by both sides. Politics as usual is better than Trump style politics.

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