Hey Trump, Single Mom Here

Director of Trump’s Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney, cares about single moms in Detroit, and he cares about coal miners in West Virginia. He cares so much so that he wouldn’t ask either to foot the bill for educational television, or the Arts. As a single mom myself, I would like to say thank you Dick– sorry– thank you Mick for not asking. 

But Mick, you didn’t ask me how I felt about funding an Aspen trip for Trump’s entitled extended family. I see that $12,000 was spent on ski rentals for the 100 secret service officers who were required to provide around the clock protection for the elite billionaire spawn and their spawn over spring break. That entire bill was paid for by taxpayers like me…a single mom, and taxpayers like that coal miner in West Virginia. Trumps who have never known what it is to go without, are sponging off Americans who go without every day.
Meanwhile Trump himself hasn’t missed a 3-5 million dollar weekend at Mar-a-Lago since his inauguration, nor has reluctant first lady Milania’s million dollar a day New York habit seen a respite. Money is no object—when it’s not yours. 

Take food out of the mouths of hungry American children…because those children’s test scores didn’t improve, and use that money on Trump family travel.

So Dick– sorry–  Mick, your concerns are misguided in not asking me to pay for the Arts or educational television. I would gladly pay for both, but do not ask me to pay for Trump family vacations.

12 thoughts on “Hey Trump, Single Mom Here

  1. Suspect my reply should have read “from the first family” in retrospect, instead of “of” no matter, you make pertinent points, Lydia and I love your astute insights…


      1. Lydia, I love your insights , can I do a little promo and re blog on my site..are you ok with that? I’m happy to send you my post for input before I publish…

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      2. How can I send you my post? I would like your appro before I publish, just in cAse you don’t want me to post it… do you have a contact email address? I’m very uncertain about promoting without your approval, but I do think your posts are worthy of sharing, they highlight to outside what’s happening …. if you are happy for me to post sight unseen from your side let me know, I m not contraversial at all inwhat I have written …

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      3. Done , I hope the ping back to your site works… I have never shared before but I love to read your posts and really would like to share you, I enjoy your insight and humor , your posts work for me! I don’t have many followers, but I hope others will enjoy !

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