Keystone XL, Russian Steel, and a Recused Tillerson

U.S. Secretary of State and former head cheese of ExonMobile, Rex Tillerson, has recused himself from dealing with any issues pertaining to Keystone XL pipeline…at least that’s what a letter GreenPeace received from the State Department claims. Tillerson also promises he will fully divest his shares of TransCanada Corporation, which owns said pipeline, by May in order to comply with federal ethics rules. 

Tillerson, oil man and friend of Vladimir Putin, had been in the planning stages of a 500 billion dollar oil deal with Russian oil company Rosneft which was put on hold when sanctions were imposed against Russia for it’s annexation of Crimea.

This pipeline offers Donald Trump yet another opportunity to prove himself a liar—as if we need one more lie to convince us of his duplicity. Remember his campaign rhetoric “American steel or else?” The pipeline is using steel manufactured in India, and sold by a Russian subsidiary of Evraz, a corporation owned by a friend of Trump’s, a Russian oligarch with “longstanding personal and political ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin”.

Whether Tillerson actually divests himself or finds a way around ethics rules remains to be seen, but we can be sure there is a bigger picture here that has not yet come into focus. 
This is all conjecture on my part, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that although this pipeline runs from Alberta Canada to Nebraska, it somehow connects through Russia to Putin. 


March 10, 2017 <a href=””>Abstract</a&gt;


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