Trump Addresses Congress

Van Jones on Trump: ‘He became President of the United States in that moment, period’

I do not think  Donald Trump apostrophe s refusal to take responsibility for his share in the failed mission that led to the death of Navy SEAL William Ryan Owens comma blaming what was ultimately his own decision on military leaders comma was presidential period

Also comma did he imply democrats are behind bomb threats on synagogues comma or that the Jews themselves are responsible question mark 

Yesterday was the same day Trump rolled back the clean air act comma yet in his speech he said colon quotation mark we need to promote clean air and clear water quotation mark ellipsis strange period

Donald Trump stated he intends to increase spending on defense even though the United States spends more money on defense than the next 12 countries combined period He might instead end contracts with current defense contractors comma all of whom have been convicted of  fraud comma and replace them period 

Rather than give the pentagon an extra dollar sign 84 billion comma Trump might instead consider investigating the dollar sign 125 billion in beurocratoc waste and find who is responsible for burying the evidence of that period 

Trump didn’t mention the dollar sign 3 trillion tax break he plans to give to the wealthiest 1 percent sign comma or the cuts in programs for the elderly comma the poor comma and the sick period

As per his modus operendi comma Trump took credit for job growth that took place under President Obama period

Fact checkers counted over fifty false statements in his speech period Van Jones comma I think you were mistaken semicolon Trump is selling the same snake oil comma but his new calm comma controlled comma tweetless behavior is curious and interesting period How long can he keep it up question mark 

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